Bissell Spinwave vs Spinwave Plus vs Spinwave Cordless – Review and Comparison

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In this article, we will compare three very popular steam mops – Bissell spinwave vs spinwave plus vs spinwave cordless.

Quick Answer:

In our opinion Bissell Spinwave Plus provides a much more convenient cleaning experience, compared to the original version. Additional features such as Triple Action Brush and removable tank make cleaning more efficient.

Cleaning the floor can be a chore for many people, especially when they don’t have the proper tools. Using a standard mop, basic vacuum or broom isn’t the best choice, if you want to quickly get over this task. Nowadays, you can find a large number of cleaning supplies on the market, that will help you significantly in this activity.

We know that choosing the best cleaning supplies might not be the easiest thing to do, considering the small differences between some products. To make your life easier, we decided to create this article. Today, we will focus on three, very popular steam mops which are a reliable and affordable choice for your household.

We are talking about Bissell spinwave vs spinwave plus vs spinwave cordless. This comparison will provide you with all the main differences between those products, in order to help you pick the most suitable version for your style of cleaning.

Bissell company is known for creating effective and durable products, that come at affordable prices. This is also the reason why we decided to focus on those products.

Based on the opinions online, as well as our own experience, in this article, you can find the most important aspects of each product. To go straight to the winner of this comparison, check out the conclusion, located at the end of the article.

Bissell Spinwave vs Bissell Spinwave Plus vs Bissell Cordless

Bissell-SpinwaveBissell Spinwave PlusBissell Spinwave Cordless
NAME:Bissell spinwaveSpiwnave PlusSpinwave Cordless
SIZE:8 x 16 x 45 in.8 x 16 x 45 in.8 x 16 x 45 in.
WEIGHT:11 lb.11 lb.11 lb.
TANK CAPACITY:28 oz.28 oz.28 oz.
UNIQUE FEATURES:Removable tank, triple action brush, package includes two more soft pads and four bottles of cleaning formulaCordless design, product provides a tray for additional mop pads
CORD LENGTH:22 ft.22 ft.
BATTERY LIFE:Up to 20 minutes

Main differences

At the beginning of the comparison, we would like to address, that each of the products is a reliable and effective choice which should be a nice addition to your household. There are, however, some key differences, which you should know about before you make the final decision.

Firstly, we will compare the two standard Bissell products – Bissell Spinwave vs Bissell Spinwave Plus. The differences aren’t too significant, as the design of both products remains very similar. The plus version adds only a couple of features, to make the cleaning process a little easier for the consumer.

The water tank in Spinwave plus can be easily removed, unlike in the standard Bissell product. What’s more, the screw-on cap helps you keep the mix of water and solution in place without any leakage. Thanks to this feature, filling the tank can be a little easier and more precise.

The plus version also comes with a Triple Action Brush, that contains two types of bristles to assist in boosting the cleaning performance. Just like the standard version, this Bissell product has a 22 ft. long power cord, that should be long enough for most of the users.

Those are probably all the dissimilarities when it comes to the actual products. The package content also isn’t the same, as the Bissell Spinwave Plus includes two more soft pads and four bottles of cleaning formula. Two 8 oz. bottles of wood floor formula and two 8 oz. bottles of multi-surface formula.

Those additions can’t be found in the standard Bissel Spinwave model.

Bissell Spinwave cordless also has some unique features, that aren’t present in the other two models. The most crucial difference, as the name of the steam mop suggests, is the lack of a power cord. This version fully relies on the battery, that comes in the package.

One thing, that we need to address straight away, is that the battery has a pretty short lifetime. It can operate for approximately 20 minutes before it runs out of power. While for some people this might be more than enough, people with large household may struggle to thoroughly clean all the floors.

The cleaning pads used in this model are also the same, as well as the type of tank. You also won’t find any difference in the cleaning system, that this mop uses. The only dissimilarity, besides the power supply, between this mop and a standard spinwave version is in design.

The Bissell spinwave cordless includes a little tray for additional mop pads, so you don’t lose them.

Those are pretty much all the differences between those 3 products, however, if you would like to read a more thorough review about each one of them, we strongly suggest continuing your lecture. At the end of the article, you may also find a conclusion with our opinion on the winner of this comparison.

Bissell Spinwave


This standard Bissell’s product is one of the most common choices for an affordable and efficient steam mop. If you are looking for something, that will help you clean the everyday mess as well as a little more demanding stains on the floor, it’s 100% something to consider.

After picking up the Bissell Spinwave, you can already feel the convenient and ergonomic design of the handle. Using this 11 lb. product will be effortless, thanks to swivel steering and convenient design. Gliding this product around all types of floors shouldn’t cause a lot of trouble.

You don’t feel those 11 lbs. when cleaning, what’s more, the whole process becomes much more efficient. It boasts a section with two separate mopping pads, which work in a spinning motion, in order to clean even the toughest stains on the floor.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between standard soft-touch mop pads and scrubby pads. The first type of pads is best for everyday cleaning, which doesn’t need too much brushing. It also does great on more fragile surfaces, that you are scared of scratching.

The second type of mop pads is an ideal choice for more demanding areas, that include sticky stains from sodas, food, ink, etc. These pads provide you with little more cleaning power, thanks to their rough design.

All the mop pads can be easily washed in the washing machine, and if needed they are easily replaceable. On Amazon, you can find a 6 pack of the mop pads, that additionally include a more heavy-duty type, used for cleaning the most stubborn stains.

The tank that is present in this steam mop holds approximately 28 oz. of solution which translates to around 600 sq. ft. without refills. Additionally, to easily fill the tank with water and solution, there are lines marking the perfect amount of formula. When filling the tank, you should firstly pour water and then cleaning the solution.

The water can be sprayed on the floor using the ergonomic handle, which includes a special button regulating the amount of sprayed water. The design overall is very comfortable, and the 22 ft. power cord is enough to clean a typical household.

This steaming mop also comes with one safety feature – When the device is upright, spinning movement is immediately stopped.

One thing that isn’t the best about this unity, though, is the pretty high design. Due to this, you may have problems cleaning under low-profile furniture. However, the long 14 in. cleaning path width does great when cleaning floors, and makes it incredibly efficient.

Bissell additionally offers a 2 years guarantee for this product – This means, that the manufacturer will replace any components, that malfunction or break within those 2 years.

Bissell Spinwave plus

Bissell Spinwave Plus

An improved version of the standard Bissell spinwave comes with few additional features, that may help you during your everyday cleaning. Although, most of the differences are rather small and insignificant, so both products are very similar.

While looking at the Bissell Spinwave plus you may have problems spotting any differences. This is due to the fact, that this model has an almost identical design to its original version. It includes the same section with two separate mopping pads. However, the amount of mopping pads, that are included by the manufacturer is different.

This cleaning tool has two soft scrubby pads, that are used for the same type of cleaning as ones in the standard Spinwave, and as many as four mop soft pads. This allows for more frequent cleaning or wash the pads less frequent. Additionally, you will always have some spare pads, in case something happens to the first pair.

Bissell Spinwave plus also boasts the special safety feature, which works by stopping the spinning movement of the pads, in the moment the mop is upright. Unfortunately, the profile of the mop is pretty high, which can cause some problems when cleaning under low-profile furniture.

Pads are not the only thing, that comes in higher quantity – The Bissell Spinwave plus also includes four bottles of special Bissell’s cleaning formula. Two 8 oz. bottles are for wood floor cleaning and the other two 8 oz. bottles are for multi-surface cleaning.

The tank that is included in this steam mop is detachable, which means, that you can pour water and cleaning solution more easily. For better protection from leaking, the tank features a screw-on cap. Just like in the standard Bissell Spinwave, this tank can cover approximately 600 sq. ft. without refills.

To spray the solution, you can use the same trigger button. The handle also lets you adjust the amount of solution sprayed on the floor.

An important difference is also the Triple Action Brush, which contains two types of bristles to assist in boosting the cleaning performance. Other mops in this article, don’t come with this tool. Thanks to this brush roll, getting rid of stubborn dirt and grim will get much easier.

Bottom line is that thanks to this brush, the overall performance of this tool significantly increases. This tool also doesn’t boast a two-year guarantee for all the malfunctioning or damaged components, in this version it lasts only one year.

Despite the cons that are present in this steaming mop, it has been improved compared to the standard Bissel Spinwave version. The only question is whether you think the difference in price between those two models is worth it.

Bissel Spinwave cordless

Bissell Spinwave Cordless

The last version of the Bissell Spinwave features a 100% power cord-free design. As the name suggests, in this version, you won’t be bothered with the long 22 ft. cord, that may get tangled around some furniture or other obstacles around your household. 

The Bissell Spinwave Cordless is a choice for all the people, that prefer cleaning in more mobile and portable way. Those kinds of tools are best used when you need to clean a big surface, preferably one that includes multiple rooms or many different obstacles on the way.

With this steaming mop, cleaning those kinds of floors would be perfectly fine, while other mops with a power cord could cause problems. If you are thinking of getting one for this kind of situation, we would be happy to recommend it to you, however, there is one thing that can be a problem.

Bissel Spinwave Cordless relies on a battery with low-capacity, therefore, cleaning large areas may be irritating and even impossible. While maneuvering around furniture in small areas is perfectly fine, any big household, that needs more time to be properly cleaned will not be suitable for this unit.

The battery can run only for 20 minutes, which may be a big disadvantage for lots of people. However, if you find that time to be enough for your everyday cleaning, we would 100% take this mop into consideration, when choosing your new cleaning tool.

Just like the two other Bissell Spinwave products, this one also utilizes a section with two separate mopping pads. The manufacturer also includes two types of mopping pads in the package, to let you start the cleaning process straight-away.

The water also doesn’t differ, it can be used for a mix of solution with water, and it covers approximately 600 sq. ft. without refills.

There is, however, another difference between this version and the other two products. It’s the little storage tray, used for keeping mopping pads in place.

The bottom line of this product is that the design is perfect for maneuvering around different furniture, thanks to the cordless design. However, cleaning larger areas might be a troublesome experience, due to the short battery life.


In conclusion, all three of Bissell’s products are a great choice for an affordable and efficient steaming mop. The appealing price with a wide cleaning path and ergonomic design should satisfy most of the consumers, searching for a new cleaning tool. There are, however, some key differences to keep in mind.

Final Answer:

We believe that the Bissell Spinwave Plus offers a significantly more comfortable cleaning experience than its original version. The inclusion of extra features like the Triple Action Brush and removable tank enhances the efficiency of cleaning.

A standard Bissell Spinwave has all the necessities, that will make the cleaning process effective and convenient. The improved version – Bissell Spinwave Plus – is a better choice for all the people, that are looking for something more powerful and even more convenient. The additional Triple Action Brush ensures, that the tool doesn’t leave any stubborn stains on the floor.

The last version – Bissell Spinwave Cordless – Is something to consider if your household consists of many pieces of furniture, that would make it hard to maneuver with a standard corded mop. Although, one thing to address is the short battery life, which runs out after approximately 20 minutes of cleaning.