Do you tip dry cleaners? – [Avoid this mistake]

Image asking if you should tip your dry cleaners.

You don’t have tip dry cleaners. Tipping them is not standard practice, however, it will be appreciated if you experience exceptional service. If you choose to do so, it’s up to you how much to give. That being said, 2$ to 5$ should be a good range, alternatively, you can give 5-10% of your total bill.

We understand that tipping etiquette can be tricky to comprehend, especially with new types of services coming up every day. It can also differ based on cultural norms, location, or the price of service, therefore the answer isn’t always clear. We recommend following your feelings about the delivery of a particular service.

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What is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a process of cleaning clothes with no water involved. The lack of water is the reason for the name of this service, non-water based cleaning solutions are used instead. The solvent used in this process is usually a petroleum-based substance that’s not damaging to most types of fabric.

Dry cleaning is used for removing stains and surface dirt from delicate fabric that could be damaged with standard cleaning agents. It can also be used to restore the original shape of the fabric and remove any wrinkles.

Side note: It’s important to address that dry cleaning also comes with risks. Delicate fabric can get damaged due to high heat, improper handling, or chemical exposure.

What do dry cleaners do?

Dry cleaners are professional cleaning businesses that offer cleaning without the use of water. The process involves a non-water-based cleaning substance that helps to remove dirt, stains, and odors. Some of the two most popular solvents used in dry cleaning involve perchloroethylene or hydrocarbon.

The process starts with a dry cleaner inspecting the piece of clothing. He’s noting any spots that may require some special attention and gets them pre-treated with a solution. The next step is a dry cleaning process followed by drying and ironing. Finally, your clothes get packed and returned to you.

When choosing a dry cleaning service, be sure to look at reviews. Pick only reputable businesses, since this process comes with risks, and it can potentially damage your clothes.

Should you tip your dry cleaners?

While you don’t have to tip your dry cleaners, it’s recommended if you received exceptional service. Since there are no hard rules when it comes to tipping cleaning services, it may be hard to even come up with the right amount of money. It’s completely up to you to choose the right sum, that being said, 2$ to $5 should be enough. Alternatively, tip 5-10% of your total bill.

What to consider when tipping dry cleaners?

If you have a problem deciding whether to tip your dry cleaner, here are some things to consider first:

  • Quality of service. If you have received exceptional quality service, you should consider tipping the dry cleaner. 
  • Personal relationship. A good relationship with your dry cleaner can be appreciated with a small tip. Kindness is an act that isn’t awarded enough in our society.
  • Cost of cleaning. A high price should neither be a reason to tip nor not tip. However, if you feel like the service was rather average, compared to the competition, tipping isn’t the best idea.
  • Local tipping etiquette. Tipping norms differ from place to place and can be hard to follow. It’s best to look at what others do to find out whether it’s a common thing.
  • Budget. Tipping can feel like an obligation, especially if you see other people doing this regularly, don’t feel pressured to do so if your budget doesn’t allow it. 

Those can be helpful when evaluating whether you should tip or not, however, don’t feel pressured to do so. Tipping is a kind gesture that shows appreciation for the service, don’t make it your obligation, especially if you are on a tight budget.

What is the right drop-off laundry etiquette?

To have the best possible experience with your laundry cleaners, following the right etiquette can be helpful. For people who don’t have any experience in using such services, it’s recommended to follow the tips listed below:

  • Do the initial sorting. If you are dropping a large number of clothes, it may be nice to do the initial sorting. Group your clothes by colors, fabric types, or the amount of dirt.
  • Label your clothes. Labeling your clothes with your personal information can make the return process easier and faster for your laundry cleaners. 
  • Give special care instructions. You should inform the business about any clothes that require special care. This not only makes the job easier for them but protects your garments from damage.
  • Pay upfront. This makes the transaction more transparent and prevents any misunderstanding.
  • Don’t be late. Pick up your clothes on the date specified by your laundry cleaner. Some businesses add fees if you don’t manage to do so.
  • Be polite. This is probably the most important to have an overall positive experience. Be polite to people working there, if you want to receive good service.


In summary, you don’t have to tip your dry cleaners. That being said, it’s recommended if you received exceptional services from them. There are no hard or unspoken rules regarding tipping cleaning services, or the amount of money to give. If you choose to do so, we recommend giving between 2$ to 5$ or 5-10% of your total bill.

The tipping etiquette can differ based on the location, cultural norms, or cost of the service. Follow your feelings regarding the received service to determine whether you should tip or not.