Do you tip laundry service? – [Answered]

Image showing a laundry service with a tip.

Today’s fast-paced world makes it hard for us to keep up with all of our commitments. It’s no wonder many people don’t have the time and energy to do basic household chores. Fortunately, laundry services have become a really popular option lately. However, there’s often a question that comes up – Do you tip laundry service?

Quick Answer:

The decision about tipping the laundry service is entirely up to you. Tipping laundry service is not mandatory, however, it can be a nice gesture. It also shows your appreciation for the provided service and helps with building a positive relationship between you and the workers.

If you decide to tip the laundry service, anywhere from 5-10% of your total bill should completely suffice. Alternatively, you can tip the cleaners by the bag of clothing, in this case, anything from $2 to $8 per bag should be more than enough.

Similar tipping etiquette applies to other cleaning services such as house cleanersdry cleanerswindow cleaners, air duct cleaners, or Stanley Steemer. To learn more about tipping different cleaning teams, read our other articles.

What is laundry service?

Image showing a lady working at the laundry service.

The laundry service is a type of cleaning service that specializes in washing, drying, ironing, or starching your clothes for a fee. This business often caters to both individuals and other companies such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc.

Many laundry services also offer pick-up and delivery options, making the process even more convenient for people short on time. Overall, it’s a service that helps you keep your clothes and all other types of fabric clean and well-maintained.

How does laundry service operate?

Why tip laundry service?

Tipping a laundry service may seem out of place for a lot of people. The reason for this is that many of us don’t realize that tipping is customary in this industry. This act can also be a way of showing your appreciation for the provided service.

Tipping helps build a positive relationship between you and the workers, resulting in better partnership in the long run. What’s more, many customers have claimed that they get treated better as opposed to clients that don’t tip.

Giving a tip is also recommended if you expect the service to be provided under a tight deadline.

Do you tip laundry service?

It’s important to address that tipping the laundry service is a personal decision, that should not be defined only by local customs. After all, not everyone can afford to give a tip at a certain time, and not every business deserves one.

Things to consider before tipping

Tipping is a personal decision, however, there are certain things you should take into account when deciding whether to give a tip or not. Here’s a short list we made to make the process easier for you:

  • The quality of service. If you are not satisfied with the service, you shouldn’t leave a tip. Ask yourself whether the service was fast and courteous, did the staff go above and beyond to satisfy their client.
  • Cost of the service. If the service was expensive, or there are additional fees and charges added, then there is no reason to leave a tip on top of that. After all, many laundry services don’t expect a tip when setting the prices.
  • Cultural and societal norms. In some countries or cities, it may be expected to tip the laundry service. The customs may affect the prices of the laundry services provided in this region.
  • Your budget. People who are financially constrained shouldn’t leave a tip if they can’t afford it.

Ultimately, tipping is a personal decision based on individual circumstances and the level of satisfaction with the service provided.

How much should you tip?

When it comes to laundry service, the amount you should tip depends on several factors. The standard rate for a tip is around 5-10% of your total bill. You can also tip the cleaning crew by a bag of clothes, in this case, anything from $2 to $8 should be satisfactory.

That being said, if you feel like the service went above and beyond to accommodate your specific requests such as tight deadlines, special cleaning products, or hard-to-wash fabrics, it may be appropriate to leave a larger tip.

In the same way, you can leave a smaller tip, or no tip at all, if the service wasn’t satisfactory. Once again, the final amount you want to tip depends on individual experience with the laundry service. 

How do you prepare clothes for laundry service?

There are several things you can do to prepare your clothes for a laundry service. To make the laundry drop-off etiquette easy, here’s a list of the most important things to keep in mind:

  • Check pockets. Before you drop off your clothes for laundry, be sure to check the pockets. Remove any items you find, as those can cause damage both to the fabric and laundry machines.
  • Sort your clothes. Sort your clothes based on cleaning care instructions. You don’t want the colors to bleed, and the fabric to snag or tear.
  • Put clothes in the laundry bag. Put your clothes in a laundry bag that has a label attached. This will prevent the laundry service from losing your clothes or mixing them up.
  • Provide instructions. If there are any specific instructions regarding washing or drying your clothes be sure to provide them to the staff. This will ensure your clothes are cleaned the way you expect it.


In conclusion, laundry services have become really popular in today’s fast-paced world, and many customers question whether they should be tipped. While tipping is not mandatory, it can be a nice gesture that shows your appreciation for the provided service.

Tipping is also a good way to establish a positive relationship with the staff, which can benefit in the future. Many tipping customers have confirmed that they get treated better compared to non-tipping customers.

To decide whether to tip, you should consider the quality and cost of service, cultural and societal norms, as well as your budget. Ultimately, the decision to tip is up to you and your individual experiences with the laundry service.

If you decide to tip, anything from 5-10% of your total bill should suffice. Alternatively, you can tip by the laundry bag, in this case, $2 to $8 per bag should be okay.