Do you tip Stanley Steemer? – [Answered]

Image showing a stanley steemer guy, next to a question "Do you tip Stanley Steemer?".

Keeping your floors, carpets, and upholstery clean is an essential part of maintaining a fresh and healthy living environment. That being said, keeping up with all the household chores is not easy, and that’s where professional cleaning services come in. When you finally call for their service a question in your head arises – Do you tip Stanley Steemer guy?

Quick Answer:

Tipping Stanley Steemer guy is not mandatory, however, considering their low hourly rate it can be a nice gesture. If you are satisfied with their work, giving 10-20% of your total bill will be appreciated. It’s also advised to give a minimum of $20 to make the tip meaningful compared to the work they provide.

That being said, you need to know that tipping is not your obligation. Whether you give the tip, and the amount you give, depends on numerous factors that boil down to your personal experience with the service.

If you are dissatisfied with the work, customer service, final cost, or you can’t afford to give a tip just skip this process entirely.

To learn more about tipping different cleaning services, we highly recommend checking our other guides about tipping air duct cleanersdry cleanerswindow cleanershouse cleaners, or laundry service.

Why tip Stanley Steemer?

Image showing a Stanley Steemer guy cleaning floors.

Many people will consider tipping Stanley Steemer guy to be out of place. This is because tipping cleaning services nowadays is not customary. That being said, it’s definitely appreciated considering the hourly rate of the technicians.

Some customers have claimed that they regularly tip all cleaning services, including Stanley Steemers, to show appreciation for their work. Tipping can also make the communication process easier and more enjoyable.

Cleaning service workers also have said that tipping makes them remember the customer. This often means a more thorough and superior cleaning process, the next time you call for their technician. 

Do you tip Stanley Steemer?

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Tipping Stanley Steemer is not mandatory, however, it can be a nice gesture considering the low salary of the technicians. That being said, it’s an individual decision based on personal experience with particular technicians.

There are numerous factors you should take into consideration before tipping their worker. We will talk about those below, however, now let’s see what Stanley Steemer has to say about tipping their technicians.

Stanley Steemer answer

Image of a screenshot on Stanley Steemer's website.

Our research has confirmed that tipping Stanley Steemer is not necessary, but highly appreciated. The above answer can be found on the official Facebook page of Stanley Steemer’s service

Be sure to tip their service when you are completely satisfied with their work, to make the decision process easier, you can follow the guidelines below.

Things to consider before tipping

Making the final decision whether to tip the cleaning service may be problematic, especially if you didn’t call for one before. To make things easier for you, here are some things to take into account:

  • Quality of service. This is probably the most important thing to consider when deciding whether to tip or not. Tipping is only advised when you are completely satisfied with the work they provided. Ask yourself if the cleaning process was thorough and extensive, did the cleaners rush it or pay attention to detail?
  • Cost of service. If the cost of service is already expensive, it’s much more justifiable to skip the tip entirely. Stanley Steemer has a stable fee that doesn’t include tips as a way to cover the expenses.
  • Salary of the workers. For many people, this will be an important aspect when deciding whether to tip the technicians or not. If you would like to learn about the wages in Stanley Steemer company scroll down for more information.
  • Complexity of the job. If your house required a serious cleaning then tipping may be appreciated. Alternatively, you may want to consider how big the cleaning area was, or think if there were any special requests from your side.
  • Customer service. This relates mainly to the communication process between you and the technicians. Professional and clear contact is necessary to get a cleaning service that lives up to your needs.
  • Company policy. Take into account the company policy related to tipping. From our research the answer is clear, tipping isn’t mandatory but highly appreciated.
  • Your budget. Finally, you also have to consider your budget. If you can’t afford to tip the technicians, then it’s fine to skip the process entirely. Alternatively, you can try other ways to show your appreciation such as getting them lunch or paying upfront.

How much to tip?

If you decide that you want to give a tip to Stanley Steemer guy, then how much should you actually give? We find that tipping 10-20% of your total bill is completely satisfactory, considering the prices and salary of the workers. Many people also recommend tipping a minimum of $20 to make the tip significant.

However, there are moments when one worker is simply not enough to cover the whole area. In this case, you can give $20 to each technician on the job.

If you want to show appreciation for their work but you can’t afford to tip, there are other ways to show your gratitude. Below you can find some of the most popular ways that should be widely appreciated.

Getting them a lunch

Getting lunch for the technicians can be very appreciated, and give them a much-needed break during the long workday. You can do this by making one yourself, getting one from a restaurant, or giving a gift card to a local dining room.

That being said, be sure to ask workers first if doing so will be appropriate. 

Paying upfront

Paying upfront is a way to show trust in the cleaning service your Stanley Steemer workers provide. It can make the communication process easier and more pleasurable on both sides. However, be sure to first research the quality of your local branch as this process is quite risky.

How to tip?

Tipping technicians directly using cash is your safest bet. Different methods don’t guarantee that money will be going straight to the workers, as we don’t know the company policy on this topic. Unfortunately, oftentimes giving a tip by credit or debit card may be equal to giving the tip to the company.

How much do Stanley Steemer technicians earn?

For many people, this will be a key factor when deciding whether to give a tip or not. We did a quick research to make the decision process easier for you, here are the standard hourly rates for Stanley Steemer technicians:

Job positionAverage hourly rateAverage full time salary
Carpet technician$14.58$2332.80
Cleaning technician$17.65$2824.00
Carpet cleaning technician$17.80$2840.00

One thing should be noted before you jump to a conclusion. Stanley Steemer technicians are also paid a commission based on the generated sales of cleaning add-on products. That being said, it’s still a modest rate compared to other workers in the United States.

Stanley Steemer costs

Other people may find the costs of Stanley Steemer services more important when deciding on tipping etiquette. Here’s a list of the most common service with the average cost for a particular area:

Size of the area (sq. ft.)Average cost

A typical house in the United States comes out at around 2000 sq. ft., therefore the price will oscillate in the $400 range. Based on those statistics, a fair tip will be in the $40-$80 range. Ultimately, the final amount will also depend on other factors mentioned earlier.

To make the best price assumption for your household, we highly recommend contacting the Stanley Steemer company directly.

What Stanley Steemer’s job looks like?

Tipping etiquette for cleaning services

Tipping etiquette is similar for all cleaning services, meaning tips are not mandatory but appreciated. One thing that always gets recommended is tipping only when you are completely satisfied with the work provided by cleaners.

For many people tipping cleaning service may seem out of place, especially considering the fact that prices don’t take tips into account. However, tipping is a nice gesture that some people do to appreciate well-done work.

Tipping around Christmas and holidays

It’s an old custom in some countries to tip salesmen just before Christmas or holidays. However, with time more and more people tend to stray away from this tradition. We are currently at a point where very few people care about this practice.


How long do you have to stay off the carpet after cleaning?

The time you should stay off the carpet will depend on the cleaning method used. Stanley Steemer usually cleans carpets using hot water extraction, therefore, your carpet should be ready to walk on after 4-8 hours.

Should you open windows after carpet cleaning?

Opening your windows after carpet cleaning can be beneficial when it comes to drying time. However, it’s not necessary because the chemicals used in this process are safe unless you have allergies. Opening windows can also prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Do you tip steam cleaners?

Steam cleaners are just like any other cleaning service, and tipping them is not mandatory. There is no tipping etiquette when it comes to steam cleaners, however, if you feel like the workers went above and beyond to meet your requirements, then tipping them may be suitable.


In conclusion, tipping a Stanley Steemer technician is not mandatory but highly appreciated. If you are happy with their work, 10-20% of your total bill, or at least $20, should be a satisfactory amount. It is generally better to give a tip by offering cash straight to the technician, so the company doesn’t hijack the money.

When you can’t afford to give a tip but still want to show your gratitude, getting technicians a lunch or paying upfront can be an alternative. To decide whether you want to tip at all, take into account factors such as quality and cost of service, the salary of the workers, the complexity of the job, customer service, company policy, and your budget.