Does Sprite stain carpet? How to remove Sprite stains from carpet?

Image showing clothes stained by Sprite.

Quick Answer:

Sprite can stain your carpet, just like any other type of soda. Fabric will get dirty due to the sticky, sugary syrups which are added to achieve the original taste. What’s more, many sodas also have various dyes, that make the stain harder to remove.

Soda stains are quite popular in the majority of households. Almost everyone had a situation where some soda got spilled on the floor or the carpet. While it’s pretty easy to clean hardwood floors or tiles, removing soda stains from a rugged area is a little harder.

Depending on the soda, you may want to use different cleaning agents, however, it’s very similar for most of the fizzy drinks. In this article, we will focus on Sprite stains, and how to effectively tackle them. We also believe that the best way to remove those stains is through household items if that’s only possible.

Feel free to follow the guide below, or just skim through the article. We hope, that after reading this post, you will no longer have any problems with removing all kinds of soda stains. After all, they are relatively easy to remove, especially compared to alcohol or wax stains.

Without further ado, let’s get into the proper part of the article.

Does Sprite stain the carpet?

Image showing Sprite in a glass with ice cubes.

A quick answer would be yes, Sprite can stain your carpet. Just like any soda, Sprite can stain your carpet due to the sticky, sugary syrups which are added to achieve the original taste. What’s more, many sodas also have various dyes, that make the stain harder to remove.

That being said, it’s completely possible to get rid of the Sprite, or any other fizzy drink stain. Below, we will give you a simple instruction, that you can follow, in order to get the Sprite out of your carpet. What’s important, it’s best to act fast, as each hour will make the stain harder to remove.

Another common problem with soda stains are insects, that are attracted to high sugar content. Don’t be surprised if the stain, that’s left on its own, will start attracting insects. Those situations are often an origin of ant invasions.

How to remove soda stains? (Sprite, Coke)

Removing soda stains is pretty straightforward, although, it may take some time to remove them completely. Depending on the ingredients in the drink, the whole process may need some extra cleaning or more powerful cleaning agents. Below, we will list all the steps you have to take when cleaning soda stains:

  1. Choose a cleaning solution

    It’s crucial to choose the right cleaning detergent, or cleaning solution first. We always recommend testing it in an inconspicuous place, so you won’t be surprised by any discolor or damage. You can also try making your own cleaning solution from vinegar and baking soda.

  2. Remove the excess

    Firstly, you will have to remove the excess. Do this by gently tapping the spill, so you don’t rub it in too deep. You also don’t want to scrub the stain, so it doesn’t get bigger.

  3. Blot the stain

    Now you need to dip a cleaning cloth in the formula, and blot the dirty area. It’s good to work from the outside to the inside doing this, so the stain doesn’t get a chance at spreading. The solution should be used with cold water. Wait until the stain is dry, and repeat the process.

  4. Try a carpet stain remover

    If the steps above weren’t enough, you may want to use a carpet stain remover. This should work very well, although, it usually has more harmful chemicals, that can damage the fibers.

  5. Thoroughly wash the carpet

    You need to clean the dirty spot with water, in order to get rid of any leftover cleaning formulas. You don’t want to leave them for too long, as they can permanently damage the carpet’s fibers.

  6. Dry the carpet

    You can pat dry the spot, however, airdrying is also great. Keep in mind, that opening windows and doors will speed up the process.

Those steps should be enough to completely remove the Sprite stain from your carpet. If you don’t get it on the first try, repeat the whole process. Eventually, you should no longer see any discolor on the once-stained area.

Frequently asked questions

Is Dawn good for carpet stains?

Dawn dish soap, combined with vinegar and cold water is great at removing carpet stains. Soda stains, sprayed with this formula should be very easy to clean. We highly recommend using homemade formulas, as you don’t take any additional costs.

How do you get Fanta out of the carpet?

Removing Fanta is very similar to removing Sprite. You may need some additional blotting, as Fanta contains additional dyes. Those can make the stain stand out more, compared to the Sprite stain. The whole process remains the same.

How do you get red Gatorade out of white carpet?

Red Gatorade can also be removed using a homemade solution such as vinegar and baking soda. Be sure to use cold water when dealing with soda stains, as you don’t want to melt the sugary syrups. Blot the stain with a cleaning formula, until you see improvement. Go after a professional cleaner, if the standard method doesn’t help.


In conclusion, Sprite can stain the carpet, just like any other soda. This is due to the fact, that those drinks include high sugar syrups and dyes. Spills from fizzy drinks will stand out on light color carpets, however, they can be still removed. Be sure to tackle the stains as fast as possible, as each hour will make the process harder.

Firstly, you need to choose the right cleaning formula. We often recommend making a homemade solution yourself, so you don’t have any additional costs. Cold water, vinegar, and baking soda work very well for those stains. Although, you may want to reach for professional cleaning agents if you don’t see any improvement.

Simply dip a white cloth in the cleaning formula, and blot the stain. Repeat the process until the stain is gone, or you need to switch the cleaning agent. Thoroughly clean the dirty area, so there are no harsh chemicals left in your carpet.

We hope, that after reading this article, you won’t have any more problems with Sprite stains on your carpet.