Dyson Ball Not Rolling Smoothly? – [11 Solutions]

Image showing Dyson ball and asking why it's not rolling smoothly.

We all know that Dyson vacuums are an irreplaceable way to deal with loose dirt and grime on all kinds of surfaces. However, these high-tech machines can still fail at times, and due to their complex build, the cause can be hard to troubleshoot.

In this article, we will solely focus on the problem of the Dyson Ball not rolling smoothly. If your model fails to smoothly roll around the floor, you are in a good place. See the paragraph below to find a quick answer to your question, however, feel free to get into details if that’s not enough.

Quick Answer:

The most likely reason why your Dyson Ball is not rolling smoothly is the buildup of dirt, grime, and pet hair. A combination of those can quickly slow down the vacuum or prevent it from rolling completely. Aside from that, there may also be a problem with the vacuum’s wheels, or belt and motor. If none of those are the reason, try to test other, less common problems listed below.

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Why is the Dyson Ball not Rolling Smoothly?

It’s important that troubleshooting may take some time, as there are many possibilities why your Dyson is not operating as expected. Try to test them from the most to least likely until you find the problem, then go ahead and either fix it yourself or seek help from a professional.

Malfunctioning Components

Try to look for any damaged parts in your vacuum cleaner, including cracks, those may seem harmless at first, but with time each broken element can contribute to more problems and less efficiency. Focus on broken parts around Dyson’s ball to figure out if that’s the reason why it’s not rotating as it should be.

One of the most common problems in vacuum cleaners are fuses that are responsible for checking the temperature of your vacuum cleaner. To find out where are fuses in Dyson vacuum cleaner, read this article.

In case you find any problems, you can try gluing plastic parts together, or bring your vacuum to the specialist.

Ventilation Pathway Obstructions

Image showing dirty Dyson's filter.

Your Dyson’s ventilation system can be the reason why it’s struggling to roll and operate efficiently. If there’s not enough airflow, the vacuum can eventually overheat and stop working altogether. Even if that doesn’t impact the ball, it’s definitely something to look for during regular maintenance.

In case of obstruction, be sure to remove the dirt and debris that’s blocking airflow to the filter.

Cleaning the Vacuum’s Ball

One of the most common reasons why your vacuum’s ball is not rolling around smoothly is the buildup of dirt and grime around the ball itself. There’s simply not enough space for the ball to move around freely, and it ends up stuck in one place.

Cleaning the ball along with the surfaces around it should be enough to get rid of this problem. That being said, your vacuum requires regular maintenance, otherwise, the ball may get stuck again.

Vacuum Overheating

Vacuum overheating is usually caused by blockage either in the filter, hose or some other part of the machine. This in itself may not affect the movement of Dyson’s ball, however, it can definitely change how the motor operates, or shut it down completely. In this case, the ball may stop rolling around smoothly.

Regular Maintenance Practices

Your Dyson may simply require regular maintenance. Finding the right problem may be a bit more tricky, or in fact, it may be a combination of them. In that case, the only possible way to fix it is to run regular maintenance. To many, it may be surprising how basic cleaning and refreshing your vacuum may affect the way it operates.

A quick side note, you should care for all your Dyson’s vacuum elements, including attachments. If you would like to learn how to store Dyson’s attachments check out this article.

Blockages and Debris Buildup

Dirt and debris coming from all sides may affect how your Dyson operates, including its ball. Try to remove blockages from all parts of the vacuum, not only the ball itself to be sure that’s not a problem. Regular cleaning is also required to prevent overheating, motor problems, belt damage, etc.

Filter Out of Place

Your filter, aside from being clogged, can also be completely misplaced. Locate your filter and see whether it affects how your vacuum’s ball is moving. If the filter is misplaced, put it back into the correct setting and test whether it changed anything.

Ball Shell in Need of Repair

When looking for damaged parts, be sure to concentrate on the ball shell. Any cracked elements and parts may affect how the ball is moving and can lead to the ball getting eventually stuck. If you find this problem to be the reason, try to replace the ball shell asap, those are sold on the Internet and can be even found on Amazon.

Not Compatible Surface

The surface you are trying to clean may not be compatible with your vacuum model, which leads to the ball not running smoothly. Double-check whether your Dyson is suitable for cleaning high or medium-pile carpets, tiles, wooden floors, etc. Some models may have trouble operating on a given type of surface.

Entangled Power Cord

An entangled power cord may be the reason why your Dyson is not rolling around smoothly. The ball of the vacuum doesn’t have to be the problem. An entangled power cord can also make the vacuum lose its power, causing the ball to not operate smoothly.

Damaged or Worn Out Wheels

Wheels are the most important part of your vacuum when it comes to maneuverability, those should be checked straight away when you find the vacuum not rolling around smoothly. Check if any of the wheels are stuck, if that’s the case, wipe them down and remove and blockage.

Watch out for any damaged parts and elements that are around the wheels of the vacuum cleaner. Those can also affect how the wheels operate.

How to Fix Dyson Ball Not Rolling Smoothly?

To make your Dyson’s ball operate smoothly again, you should start by troubleshooting the problem. We know that finding the cause may not be easy, however, try to start from the most common problems and work your way through them until you find the solution.

When you think that you have recognized the problem, you can either try to fix it yourself and see if it worked, or take your Dyson to the professional. We highly recommend replacing damaged elements if you are sure that they are the root of the problem, otherwise, try to fix them and see how the ball reacts.

If you don’t want to be bothered with troubleshooting and fixing your vacuum, you can take it to a professional repairman.


In conclusion, to fix your Dyson ball not rolling around smoothly, you should thoroughly troubleshoot the machine. Start by checking the most common problems and work your way to less likely ones until you find the solution. We highly recommend checking for the build-up of dirt, grime, and pet hair around various parts of the vacuum first, then going checking for problems with the motor, belt, and wheels.

After you recognize the problem with your vacuum cleaner, you can go ahead and either fix it yourself or bring it to the professional. Replacing parts completely is the best option if you are looking for a long-term solution to the problem, otherwise, repairing them is worth trying (it’s also a good way to see if a particular problem was the reason for the ball to not roll smoothly).

If you don’t want to be bothered with troubleshooting and fixing the vacuum cleaner yourself, you can bring it to the professional repairmen that will, hopefully, diagnose the problem and suggest the right solution.