Eufy 11s vs Eufy 11s Max – Review and Comparison

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In this article, we will compare two very popular robot vacuums – Eufy 11s vs 11s max.

Nowadays, robotic vacuums are getting more and more popular. All of this, thanks to the improved technology, that gets better every day. Not so long ago, this type of device would only cause more problems, than work as it should.

However, thanks to constant advancements, those devices have come a long way. Right now, you can find a large variety of robotic vacuums at many different prices. There are both low-budget and high-end models that feature completely contrasting technologies.

As a consumer, it’s hard to get the best possible model without proper research. We know that even telling difference between two similar models can be tiresome, so we decided to create this article. Today, we will compare two very alike robotic vacuums – Eufy 11s vs Eufy 11s max.

Eufy specializes in creating reliable, efficient and, what’s the most important, affordable robotic vacuums. This manufacturer has a wide range of well-known and respected products, that are considered to be a perfect choice for many households.

This is also the reason why we decided to focus on this company – Many people struggle to pick an ideal vacuum from this manufacturer. If you would like to read a short comparison, you can read the “main differences”, at the beginning of the review.

However, we would strongly suggest reading the whole article, as it will provide you with all the necessary information. Without further ado, let’s start the comparison.

Eufy 11s vs 11s max – Comparison and Review

Eufy 11sEufy 11s max
NAME:Eufy 11sEufy 11s max
SIZE:12.8 x 12.8 x 2.85 in.12.79 x 12.79 x 2.85 in.
WEIGHT:5.95 lb.5.9 lb.
SUCTION POWER:1300 Pa2000 Pa
UNIQUE FEATURES:Larger width, lighter designMore suction power, reduced width, heavier design
BATTERY LIFE:Standard suction mode – 100 minutes, BoostIQ mode – 60 minutesStandard suction mode – 100 minutes, BoostIQ mode – 50 minutes

Main differences

At the beginning we would like to address that both products are great and reliable vacuums, that should satisfy most of the consumers. However, there is one key difference that everyone should know about before they make their final decision.

The one and only major difference between Eufy 11s and Eufy 11s max is the suction power. The standard Eufy 11s was created with the suction power of 1300 Pa, while Eufy 11s boasts a suction power of 2000 Pa.

This may seem like a small difference, however, if your house has lots of thick carpets, or you often need more demanding cleaning, Eufy 11s max may be a better choice. Otherwise, a standard Eufy 11s should do a proper job of cleaning your house from unwanted debris.

A much smaller difference between those two products is the weight and width. To achieve the extra suction, the manufacturer needed to increase the weight of the device to 5.95 lb., from the standard weight of 5.51 lb., present in Eufy 11s.

The width of the unit was also reduced – From the standard width of 12.99 in., present in Eufy 11s, to 12.80 in. This can be considered as an improvement, as the device can easier get into narrow and small areas, although, the device may need more time to clean the same area.

Those are pretty much all the dissimilarities between those two products. If you would like to know our opinion about the winner of this comparison, you can go to the conclusion, located at the end of the article.


The price is probably one of the most important factors when choosing your new robotic vacuum cleaner. This is a factor, that may determine which model you are going to choose or which company to focus on. Thankfully, Eufy provides its products at extremely affordable prices. 

Eufy 11s can be found at the price of $219.99 on Amazon, while the Eufy 11s max is a bit more pricey coming at $249.99. The $30 difference isn’t much, however, the only thing that has been improved is the suction power. 

In our opinion, to determine which product is better, you need to take into account the type of your flooring, the number of carpets you have and their thickness, as well as the number of narrow and small spaces. With this in mind, you should pick the more cost-effective solution.

Weight and size

Eufy 11s
Eufy 11s max

The weight and size don’t make a big difference for most people when it comes to robotic vacuums. One thing to remember is that those devices need a pretty small and slim design, in order to reach debris from tight or narrow spaces.

For better durability, the vacuum comes with an anti-scratch tempered glass-top cover and utilizes multiple sensors to reduce colliding with objects.

The weight of the Eufy 11s is 5.51 lb., while the weight of the Eufy 11s max is 5.95 lb. The additional weight was added in order to achieve the increased suction power. The manufacturer also changed the width of the vacuum from standard 12.99 in., present in Eufy 11s, to 12.80 in. present in the new version of this device. 

The height remained the same in both models, coming at 2.83 in.

Performance and battery life

The performance of the vacuum is the next crucial factor when deciding on your new purchase. This aspect is great in both devices, however, the increased suction has some benefits which you should also know about. The run time, though, remains the same.

The best feature which is implemented in both robotic vacuums is the BoostIQ Technology. This allows both units, to increase the suction to its maximum power when needed. One of the triggers is detecting the carpet underneath the vacuum. 

The performance of those vacuums is dependent on the type of surface, that it’s currently running on. Hardwood floors will be the easiest to clean and will also provide the longest runtime, coming around 100 minutes. The BoostIQ suction used on most of the carpets reduces the runtime to approximately 60 minutes.

However, if either of the vacuums will run on the maximum suction power, the runtime reduces to around 50 minutes. This mode can be triggered, for example, by medium-pile carpets.

If any of the vacuums’ battery runs out during cleaning, it will automatically recharge and continue their task. Unfortunately, the manufacturer didn’t implement any mapping technology, therefore the vacuum won’t resume from the last point after recharging.

Note: Please follow the instructions shown in the user’s manual, in order to decide on the best position for the recharging base. This will ensure, that this feature works smoothly.

Instead of smart or advanced mapping, Eufy implemented the Bounce navigation which means that the vacuum will follow a random path, in order to eventually clean the entire room over time. Of course, there are also other cleaning modes but we will touch on that later.

The design of both products allows them for cleaning even the most narrow and tight spaces. Small height combined with slim design makes these units perfect for cleaning under most beds and sofas.

The large wheels of the vacuums allow them to traverse through obstacles that are even 0.63 in. high. This means, that rolling over carpets and climbing over door ledges shouldn’t be a problem.

The dust box size is also the same in both devices and it has a capacity of 0.6 l.

Cleaning modes and brush design

The cleaning system present in both Eufy’s products consists of three brushes and strong suction. This combination ensures picking up dirt and debris effectively. What’s more, the vacuums utilize as many as three different filters, in order to achieve the best final conditions.

The cleaning modes present in both products allow you to choose the most effective way of cleaning a particular area. You can find four modes that are launched using the remote controller:

  • Automatic cleaning – This mode works great for everyday cleaning. The vacuum works on optimizing the path by selecting the best cleaning mode for the current situation. When the unit runs out of battery, it goes back to the charging port, recharges itself, and continues cleaning.
  • Spot cleaning mode – This mode is best for cleaning an area that needs some extra attention. The vacuums clean the current area using a spiral pattern. It can last for up to two minutes.
  • Edge cleaning mode – This mode is created for cleaning the edges of walls and furniture. The unit cleans edges for 20 minutes and after that, it returns to its dock.
  • Manual cleaning mode – The last mode works by manually directing the vacuum onto the dirty area using directional buttons on the remote.

Most of the affordable Eufy’s products use a 3-Point Cleaning System, which consists of a pair of side brushes, main brush roll, and suction inlet. This efficient combination, most of the time, is enough to provide a satisfactory outcome.

The side brushes help to make the cleaning path wider and channel all the unwanted debris and dirt towards the main brush roll. The brush roll helps to collect all the dirt from unreachable areas, such as carpets. Then, at the end, the suction inlets collect all the debris and store it into the dust box.

The outstanding air filtration in those products is achieved using Triple-Filter System which consists of plastic mash, foam air filter, and special HEPA-style high-performance air filter. All of the filters should be cleaned and replaced regularly.

To move around, the vacuums utilize a set of high-performance sensors. Those are cliff sensors (which detect objects such as stairs) and bumper sensors (those detect objects ahead). There is over a total of 10 built-in infrared sensors in each of the compared devices.

The sensors, however, can’t determine the difference between cleaned and dirty flooring. The simplified navigation system works only by using the Bounce Navigation. It’s all due to the lack of mapping technology in the vacuum.


Both products not only clean efficiently but what’ even more important, they don’t produce too much noise. The standard levels of noise are around 55 dB., which shouldn’t be a problem for most people.

A big part of the people schedules cleaning for a night time, in order to wake up to fresh and cleaned flooring. However, you need to know that when the suction increases, the noise produced by either one of the products will also increase.

Remote Control features

Unlike other Eufy’s products, the two in this article can’t be controlled with anything else than the remote controller. If you value features such as control with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you should pick a different Eufy product.

In order to control either one of the units, you need to use a remote controller. It allows you to schedule the cleaning, direct the vacuum towards desired direction or change the cleaning mode.

Necessary maintenance and package content

Just like any other robotic vacuum, Eufy 11s and Eufy 11s max will need regular maintenance. We won’t be getting here into specifics, as there would be too much content, however we will try to give you the most crucial tips. In order to keep your new vacuum 100% secure and working, read the user’s manual that comes in the package.

Some of the absolute basics, that you should know about from the beginning are: emptying the dust collector after each use, cleaning and replacing filters regularly, cleaning the brush roll and replacing when it’s worn-out, cleaning edge brushes, cleaning brush guard, cleaning small parts when needed (sensors, charging pins, etc.).

Once again, we remind you that for the most thorough maintenance procedure, you should check the user’s manual.


At the beginning, we would like to once again address that both Eufy 11s and Eufy 11s max are very efficient and comfortable choices for a robotic vacuum. The differences between those two products are rather small, excluding the suction power.

Suction power present in Eufy 11s is approximately 1300 Pa, while the suction power in Eufy 11s max is around 2000 Pa. The standard, 1300 Pa, suction will be enough for most of the users, however, if your apartment is full of medium-pile carpets, that are hard to pull out the dirt from Eufy 11s max will be a perfect choice.

In our opinion, a small difference in pricing is worth the extra suction power. Although, if you only have hard floors, the Eufy 11s will be more than enough to keep them fresh and clean.

We hope that after reading this article, you will be satisfied with your final choice.