Eufy 30c vs Eufy 35c – Review and Comparison

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In this article, we will compare two very popular robot vacuum cleaners – eufy 30c vs 35c.

Robot vacuum cleaners had their rise in popularity over the last few years. Not so long ago, you couldn’t get a reliable vacuum cleaner that offered a somewhat convenient cleaning experience, unless you paid an excessive price.

However, nowadays you can find a large variety of robot vacuum cleaners at every price point. What’s more, a large part of the products offers a wide range of features such as smart mapping technologies, advanced air filtration, cameras, and remote control.

We know that finding differences between certain models can be a drag, that’s why we decided to help you with this task. Today, we will compare two very popular robot vacuum cleaners, that present a decent quality, especially at this price – Eufy 30c vs 35c.

Based on the reviews online and our own experience with those two products, we will try to give you the most thorough and reliable comparison. If you would like to read only the most important differences, you can find them at the beginning of the actual review.

At the end of the post, you can also find a conclusion where we decide which model wins in this comparison. Although, we highly recommend reading the whole post to get the most out of it.

Eufy 30c vs 35c – Comparison and Review

Eufy 30cEufy 35c
NAME:Eufy 30cEufy 35c
SIZE:12.79 x 12.79 x 2.85 in.12.8 x 12.8 x 2.85 in.
WEIGHT:5.9 lb.5.95 lb.
UNIQUE FEATURES:13.2 ft. of boundary strips6.6 ft. of boundary strips, additional touch controls at the top of the vacuum
BATTERY LIFE:Standard suction power – 100 minutes, BoostIQ mode – 50 minutesStandard suction power – 100 minutes, BoostIQ mode – 60 minutes

Main differences

At the beginning, we would like to address that both vacuum cleaners are reliable products, that should satisfy most of the consumers. However, there are some key differences which you should know about before you purchase either one of the vacuums.

The first thing, you should know is that the cleaning area for these products can be marked using a magnetic boundary strip. This addition comes included in the package when you order either one of the vacuums, however, the amount of the magnetic boundary strip you get differs.

For Eufy 30c you get two rolls of the strip which roughly equals around 13.2 ft. or 4 m. However, for the Eufy 35c version, you only get one roll of the strip which equals around 6.6 ft. or 2 m. The strip can be used for limiting the vacuums, from entering certain areas of the household.

Another difference between those two models is the design, specifically, the touch controls which are present on the top of the vacuum. Depending on the model you choose, you can find different controls – Eufy 35c, besides the traditional on and off button, offers a charge function and spot clean mode.

Eufy 30c only implements the on and off button with Wi-Fi light, which indicates your current connection. This model also comes in gray color with brown lines while the Eufy 35c is fully light-gray. Other than that, the models don’t include any more major differences.


When it comes to the actual price, both models are in a similar price range, however, due to the unavailability the eufy 35c is offered only by certain users (at least, when it comes to the Amazon). The price of the 35c version has risen to $350 from $300, while eufy 30c stays at the regular $300 mark.

Depending on the market you choose, you can find those vacuum cleaners listed cheaper or more expensive. Amazon most of the time offers very affordable prices, so it’s something to keep in mind.

Weight and size

Eufy 30c
Eufy 35c

Both Eufy 30c and Eufy 35c feature 12.8 in. diameter, which is around 32.5 cm., and the height of 2.85 in., which is about 7.3 cm. Those dimensions make the vacuum fit into almost any household, even if you don’t have too much free space.

Cleaning under most furniture shouldn’t be a problem, especially taking into account the sensors present in both models. When it comes to the actual weight of the vacuums, the Eufy 30c is 5.9 lb. while the Eufy 35c is 5.95 lb. This small difference doesn’t influence the performance in any way.

Performance and battery life

Now it’s time for the most important part for the majority of people – the performance of the robot vacuum cleaners. As we said in the beginning, those products have come a long way since the days when those weren’t very useable.

Both vacuums present a high-performance when it comes to the actual cleaning. Beating simple obstacles such as carpets shouldn’t be a problem for any of those products, thanks to the large number of necessary sensors.

They are able to travel through obstacles that are up to 0.63 in. or 1.6 cm. in height. This means, all the coverings or carpets should be easily included in the cleaning process.

Those BoostIQ robot vacuums were designed for cleaning various types of bare floor, as well as cleaning medium-pile and low-pile carpets. Unfortunately, it won’t do well when it comes to high-pile or thick rugs, due to the wheels getting stuck on the surface.

The products can’t get a good grip on those obstacles, so if those carpets are your thing, you need to either find a way to make the vacuums bypass them or choose a different cleaner. Unfortunately, the models don’t include neither a smart or advanced mapping system, and therefore you don’t have a “recharge and resume” option.

For providing such performance, the cleaners feature 2600 mAh, 14.4 volts lithium-ion batteries, which are a reliable and safe source of power. The amount of energy that such battery can offer is cleaning around 1290 sq. ft. of bare floor which is 120 m2. This also translates to around:

  • Little over 1.5 hours of work including only bare floors.
  • Up to 1 hour using the increased suction implemented by BoostIQ mode on carpets.
  • Up to 40 minutes utilizing the maximum suction of 1500 Pa, if necessary.

All of this is possible on only a single battery charge!

As we mentioned above, the maximum suction of this robot vacuum cleaner is 1500 Pa. Some people may say that this isn’t enough for a modern household cleaner, however, in our opinion, it’s perfect for a little more demanding cleaning.

Those are all the most important information regarding the overall performance of those robot vacuum cleaners. As you can see, in terms of the performance Eufy 30c vs 35c does a good job, especially considering the affordable price of both units.

In our opinion, those cleaners are a great deal, however, choosing the winner might be hard due to the difference in pricing. Since the Eufy 35c price has shot up, it’s up to you to decide, whether additional features are worth the extra money. We will touch more on this at the end of the article.

Cleaning system and brush design

Both units provide an advanced cleaning system, that allows for adjusting this activity, specifically, for your needs. Both vacuum cleaners use a “3-Point Cleaning System”, that utilizes 3 different brushes (a main brush roll, side brushes, and suction inlet).

This combination of brushes allows for more precise and convenient cleaning, as well as, covering a larger area at the same time. The side brushes work for collecting all the dust, hair, or other debris and move it towards the main brush roll, this technique is widely used in robot vacuums.

Next, the main brush roll helps to pick up all types of dirt from various surfaces, although, it does its job best when it comes to carpets. All the dirt, that is difficult to pull out is picked using the main brush roll.

Finally, all the dirt that has been picked up, is stored inside the 0.6-liter dirt bin, using Eufy’s suction. While it may seem like it’s not much, we find that the size of the bin is more than enough for the majority of people. 

The air filtration used in both Eufy 30c vs 35c is pretty good (once again, considering this price range) and it’s based “Triple-Filter System” technology, which works by utilizing a combination of 3 filtration layers – Mash, foam air filter, and a special HEPA-style top-shelf air filter.

As we mentioned, both cleaners include special cleaning sensors. They use them in order to create a cleaning path, and for the best performance, the manufacturer implemented as many as 3 different sets of sensors.

To detect the included magnetic boundary strip, the Eufy’s cleaners use magnetic sensors, for detecting uneven terrain cleaners use cliff sensors, and for detecting all the objects ahead cleaners use bumper sensors.

What’s more, all of the sensors are also used, in order to navigate the units to the charging base. This allows them to automatically recharge when needed. However, the cleaners don’t use the “Recharge and resume” feature, as we mentioned above.

This is due to the fact, that both units can’t differentiate between cleaned and dirty floor. The manufacturer didn’t implement, for this function, necessary sensors, therefore cleaning technology uses much simpler patterns to clean your household.

Cleaning Modes

Both Eufy 30c and Eufy 35c use a number of different cleaning modes that are used for achieving the best possible results for a particular situation. There are 5 different cleaning functions that you can choose and those are:

  • Standard cleaning mode – This mode is used for the most part of the cleaning, as it uses the most versatile and convenient cleaning technology. The cleaners work by finding the best possible path by utilizing different modes offered by the manufacturer until the cleaning area is done. In this mode, both robot vacuums will find the charging port and recharge, if the battery runs out.
  • Spot cleaning mode – In the Eufy 35c, this mode can be launched using a touch control panel. It will result in unit cleaning only the current area using a spiral pattern. This function will work best in places that are extra dirty or those which need some extra attention. When it comes to the length of this mode, it can last up to two minutes.
  • Edge cleaning mode – This function works by finding the edges, such as walls, furniture, etc., and cleaning them. When it comes to the length of this mode, it can take some time as it lasts up to 20 min. 
  • Single room mode – This mode, as the name suggests, is used for cleaning a small area/only one room, after which the particular unit comes back to the charging base and recharges itself. This function can last up to 30 minutes.
  • Manual cleaning mode – This function works by manually cleaning the area. You have to direct the robot onto the desired, dirty area.

Remote Control features and content of package

Remote control features help to navigate or change the cleaning mode. Besides the RoboVac’s standard touch-pad, you can also navigate this device using IR Remote (which is included in the package), EufyHome App, and also Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

This amount of control functions should be enough for a majority of people.

If you are wondering what’s included in the package that comes along with one of your brand new Eufy’s products we are here to help! For both products, the package contains a chosen vacuum cleaner, boundary strip, remote control, charging base, AC power adapter, extra set of filters, 4 side brushes, 5 cable ties, and user’s manual.

Necessary maintenance

Like most robot vacuum cleaners, Eufy’s products need regular maintenance. If you would like to take the proper care of the Eufy 30c or Eufy 35c, we highly recommend reading the user’s guide. This touches on all the important aspects, while we will list here only the most necessary aspects.

You should regularly empty the dust bin, clean and replace filters used in the vacuum, clean and replace the brush roll, clean and replace edge brushes, clean and replace brush guard. Other, smaller parts of the vacuum cleaner should also be cleaned regularly, however, we won’t be listing them as this list would be too long.

What’s worth adding, some of you may want to buy replacement parts – For this we would recommend getting the original Eufy’s replacement kit, which you can find on almost every popular marketplace.


In conclusion, both robot vacuum cleaners are a great option in this price range. The differences between those two products are rather small (In Eufy 30c you get two rolls of magnetic boundary tape, while in Eufy 35c you only get one roll, Eufy 35c also has additional buttons on the touch-control panel, coloring is different between those two models).

However, due to the unavailability, the price of Eufy 35c has risen by around $50. Earlier we would say that choosing this version is a better idea but now, it’s up to you to decide whether those additional features are essential.

Thanks to the large number of remote control options, we wouldn’t worry about getting those few extra buttons on the touch-control panel, so in our opinion, the first option is better.

We hope that after reading this article, you will be satisfied with your final choice.