Eufy G10 Hybrid vs Eufy G30 Hybrid – Review and Comparison

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In this article, we will talk about two very popular robotic vacuums – Eufy G10 Hybrid vs G30 Hybrid.

Nowadays, robotic vacuums are becoming more and more popular, thanks to constant technological advancements. The manufacturers continually compete in terms of cleaning performance, convenience, and price which makes those products only more affordable and popular.

With the rise of popularity, there appeared to be another problem, which is choosing the right robotic vacuum. Many people, who didn’t own this kind of product before, have a problem with differentiating particular models, especially the ones coming from the same brand.

This is why we decided to create this article – Today, we will talk about two very popular robotic vacuums which can look very similar at the first sight – Eufy G10 Hybrid vs Eufy G30 Hybrid.

Based on the opinions online, as well as our own experience we will thoroughly review those products, and give you the winner of this comparison. At the end of the article, you can find a winner of the comparison, however, we highly recommend reading the whole post.

Without further ado, let’s get into the proper part of the comparison.

Eufy G10 Hybrid vs Eufy G30 Hybrid

NAME:Eufy G10 HybridEufy G30 Hybrid
SIZE:12.8 x 12.8 x 2.83 in.12.8 x 12.8 x 2.85 in
WEIGHT:5.95 lb.6.39 lb.
CAPACITY:5 oz.15 oz.
UNIQUE FEATURES:Boundary Strip System, Smart Dynamic Navigation, better at cleaning low and medium-pile carpets
BATTERY LIFE:80 minutes100 minutes

Main differences

In the beginning, we would like to address, that both products are a very appealing choice, especially in this price range. What’s more, we think that most of the consumers would be satisfied with either one of them. However, there are some things to keep in mind before you make the final decision.

The first major difference is the “Boundary Strip System”. This feature is implemented only in the Eufy G30 Hybrid, and it allows you to set some boundaries with a special magnetic strip. The strip comes included in the package, and it prevents the vacuum from accessing a particular location.

It can be useful when you don’t want the vacuum to clean or mop the rugs, as the unit isn’t capable of differentiating the type of surface.

Another crucial dissimilarity is the navigation system. The Eufy G30 Hybrid uses a “Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0” system, which was enhanced with a simple map feature. Now, you can see the cleaning history, and check where and for how long your Robovac cleaned.

Additionally, the manufacturer refined Gyro-Navigation technology and all-new Path Tracking Sensor, so the cleaning will be even more efficient. The Eufy G10 Hybrid still utilizes the first version of this navigation system, called “Smart Dynamic Navigation”.

Battery life and water tank capacity were also improved. The new Eufy G30 Hybrid boasts 100 minutes of the maximum cleaning time, which is noticeably longer compared to the 80 minutes of the Eufy G10 Hybrid.

In terms of mopping, the water tank capacity was also significantly improved. The Eufy G30 Hybrid now can hold up to 15 oz. of water, while the Eufy G10 Hybrid could only hold 5 oz. of water. The combination of increased water tank capacity and battery life will increase the overall maximum cleaning time.

The last difference is the surface compatibility. The manufacturer clearly states that the Eufy G10 Hybrid may not be the best vacuum for carpet cleaning. However, the new Eufy G30 Hybrid should do much better when it comes to both low and medium-pile rugs.

Those are pretty much all the differences, that you should keep in mind. Based on those factors, you can already pick the most suitable robotic vacuum for your household, although, we highly recommend continuing reading the article.

Cleaning performance

The cleaning performance is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing your new robotic vacuum. By this, we mean how well a particular product does, compared to other units from a similar price range.

We can already say, that both products are very efficient in terms of everyday vacuuming. Getting rid of the dirt and debris shouldn’t be a problem for either one of them. There is a difference, however, when it comes to cleaning rugs.

The manufacturer clearly states that the Robovac Eufy G10 Hybrid may not be the best option for carpet cleaning. The brand suggests looking into other vacuums, that are more efficient on this type of surface, however, the Robovac Eufy G30 Hybrid doesn’t have the same notation attached.

The new model is compatible with hardwood, tile, laminate floors, and medium-pile carpets. Although, there is still some limitation – It shouldn’t be used on very dark-colored floors and high-pile carpets, just like the old Eufy G10 Hybrid.

Both models are somehow prepared for more intensive cleaning, thanks to the BoostIQ mode, which increases the suction, so the deeply embedded dirt will get removed anyway. The maximum suction in both units is the same, producing around 2000 Pa.

There were some more advancements made to the Robovac Eufy G30 Hybrid, and one of those is the Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0. It’s the enhanced version of the same system used in the Eufy G10 Hybrid, however, the manufacturer refined the Gyro-Navigation technology and all-new Path Tracking Sensor. Additionally, now you can see the cleaning history, and check where and for how long your Robovac cleaned.

The navigation in the old model is still decent, however, it’s not near where good as in the new one. The G30 Hybrid is better at finding the most efficient path for mopping and vacuuming.

From what we know, the climbing threshold remains the same, which is approximately 0.63 in. This should be enough for most of the users. The sensors also work very well and prevent each unit from falling, bumping furniture, or driving into walls.

Another thing in common is the auto-return function, which allows the robot to return to its docking station when the battery is low. After recharging, the device continues the cleaning process.

Those are pretty much all the important differences between the products in terms of cleaning efficiency. Of course, there might be some aspects which indirectly affect the cleaning performance, although we will talk about those later.

Battery life

The battery life is the main limiting factor when it comes to the maximum cleaning time. This is why you should always pay attention to this aspect. It can be particularly important to people with big households, as you don’t want the vacuum to constantly recharge.

Just like in any modern cordless vacuum, the manufacturer implemented a standard lithium-ion battery, which is a reliable choice in our experience. This solution seems to be quite effective in all kinds of cleaning devices, thanks to quick charging time and long battery life.

In both models, the battery life is at a satisfactory level, however, there is a difference. The manufacturers managed to improve the battery life in the new Eufy G30 Hybrid, which can provide up to 100 minutes of cleaning.

The old, Robovac Eufy G10 Hybrid can last only up to 80 minutes, during the standard hard floor cleaning. You should also keep in mind, that the cleaning time will change depending on the utilized suction power.

Noise level

The noise level isn’t something we pay attention to in standard, upright vacuums. However, when it comes to robotic ones, it can be a crucial factor for some people. After all, most of the users will do other activities in the meanwhile, so they don’t want to be bothered by an extra loud vacuum.

We have to say, that both Eufy G10 Hybrid and Eufy G30 Hybrid produce a similar noise level. Each of the vacuums generates around 55 dB, which can be compared to a working microwave.

In all honesty, most of the robotic vacuums generate a similar noise level, therefore, it’s a pretty average score.

Remote control features

Both vacuums provide a number of remote control features, which will make the whole cleaning process much more convenient. They can be utilized to schedule the cleaning, change the cleaning mode, get notifications, see the cleaning report, and more.

Just like most robotic vacuums, the Robovac provides special remote controllers for their products. Those have all the basic functions and can be used for navigating the units.

Besides the remote controllers, the second most popular way to operate your new vacuum is through Eufy’s Home app. The app has all the mentioned functions and can be used to get cleaning reports. The last way to operate your new cleaning device is through a voice control system such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

The last way allows you to navigate your robot using simple voice commands.

Cleaning modes

Almost all of the robotic vacuums have some way to adjust the cleaning process for your needs. The Eufy G10 and G30 Hybrid boast a number of cleaning modes, that will either focus on one spot or clean the whole area.

We won’t be getting into details here, as it would make the article too long. However, we will explain briefly what each mode does, so you can have a basic knowledge of all the functionalities. If you would like to learn more, we highly recommend reading the user’s guide.

  • Auto-cleaning – This mode is used for the majority of the cleaning, as it uses the most versatile and convenient cleaning technology. The cleaners work by finding the best possible path by utilizing different modes offered by the manufacturer until the cleaning area is done. In this mode, both robot vacuums will find the charging port and recharge, if the battery runs out.
  • Spot cleaning – This mode can be launched using a touch control panel. It will result in the unit cleaning only the current area using a spiral pattern. This function will work best in places that are extra dirty or those which need some extra attention. When it comes to the length of this mode, it can last up to two minutes.
  • Edge cleaning – This function works by finding the edges, such as walls, furniture, etc., and cleaning them. When it comes to the length of this mode, it can take some time as it lasts up to 20 min.
  • Quick cleaning – In this mode, the vacuum will automatically stop cleaning after 30 minutes and then, it will return to the charging base. It’s a great way to save time and power.

Those are some basics, that you should know, however, once again we highly recommend reading the user guide if you want to learn more details. As you can see, both models can be easily adjusted to your needs, thanks to many different modes.


In order to work properly, every vacuum should have a slim and compact design. This will ensure, that the vacuum goes under and around any furniture, that it may encounter. A convenient design also makes the unit easier to use.

Both Eufy G10 Hybrid and Eufy G30 Hybrid boast a slim and compact design, so they can get the dirt from those hard-to-reach spots. If you would like to learn some more technical information, the G10 Hybrid measures 12.8 x 12.8 x 2.83 in. and weighs 5.95 lb., while the G30 Hybrid measures 12.8 x 12.8 x 2.85 in. and weighs 6.39 lb.

The control buttons on the top of the cover also differ. The Robovac G10 Hybrid has only the on and off button while the G30 Hybrid has an on and off button, spiral mode, and auto-recharge.

Necessary maintenance

The necessary maintenance is an aspect that is often skipped by many people. This is very unfortunate, as it prevents permanent damage and keeps the unit operating at the desired level.

We will try to give you some basic maintenance tips, however, once again we won’t be getting into too many details. In order to learn all the crucial steps, you will need to read the user’s guide. That being said, here are some tips, that will work for almost any robotic vacuum.

In order to keep your new device operating at the desired level, you need to:

  • Regularly clean/rinse all the brushes
  • Regularly check the brush roll and side brushes for any stuck dirt and/or debris
  • At least once a week clean the cover of the vacuum/wheels
  • Replace any used or damaged elements as fast as possible
  • Regularly rinse the water tanks

Those are some basic maintenance tips, that you should know about. Once again, we strongly suggest reading the user’s guide, so you can have all the crucial knowledge on this topic.


In conclusion, both robotic vacuums are a decent choice, especially in this price range. What’s more, most people should be satisfied with either one of them. That being said, there are some details, that you should keep in mind before you make the final decision.

Some of the most important dissimilarities to keep in mind are the boundary strip system (present only in the G30 model), navigation system (more advanced in the G30 model), battery life (longer in the G30 model), water tank capacity (larger in the G30 model), and surface compatibility.

Those are pretty much all the things, that you should keep in mind. Based on those factors, we would say, that the Robovac Eufy G30 Hybrid is a winner of this comparison. It provides more features and better overall performance, which, in our opinion, are worth the difference in price.

We hope, that after reading this article you will be satisfied with your final choice.