EyeVac Pet vs EyeVac Pro – Review and Comparison

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In this article, we will talk about two very popular stationary vacuum cleaners – Eyevac Pet vs Pro.

Nowadays, stationary vacuum cleaners are getting more and more popular. Some people may say, that they are not as universal as standard upright vacuums, however, in our opinion they can work just as well, depending on the situation.

The stationary vacuum cleaners are a great way to keep your floor vacuumed without the need to move the whole unit around. You just have to grab a broom and sweep all the debris under the vacuum. Touchless operation is a convenient and comfortable way to deal with dirty floors.

Other people who may enjoy this product are pet owners. The stationary vacuum cleaner may solve the constant need of taking the vacuum out of your closet and cleaning your floor. With the stationary unit, you just have to sweep the floor every couple of days.

Although, there is one problem – How do you choose the best stationary vacuum for your household? This is why we created this article – Today, we will talk about two very popular stationary vacuum cleaners – EyeVac Pet vs EyeVac Pro

We picked the winner of this comparison, which can be found at the end of the article. Nonetheless, we strongly suggest reading the whole post, in order to learn all the necessary information.

EyeVac Pet vs EyeVac Pro

NAME:EyeVac PetEyeVac Pro
SIZE:13 x 7.5 x 20.5 in.13 x 7.5 x 20.5 in.
WEIGHT:14 lb.14 lb.
CAPACITY:1.6 Gallon1.6 Gallon
UNIQUE FEATURES:Looks more professional, more color variants
CORD LENGTH:6 ft.6 ft.
CHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON:Amazon.comAmazon.com

Main differences

In the beginning, we would like to mention, that all of Eyevac’s products seem to work very well in households. Therefore, we are sure, that most of the consumers would be satisfied with either one of them. Although, there are some things to keep in mind before you make the final decision.

The first thing to address is that the EyeVac Pet and EyeVac Pro are essentially the same units. Even though there may be some small differences, they utilize the same 1600 Watt motor and boast the same 1.6-gallon canister capacity.

The only big difference is the color of the unit, as the EyeVac Pet comes only in “Designer White”, while the EyeVac Pro comes in “Designer White”, “Tuxedo Black”, or “Silver”. Since the EyeVac Pro is designed for commercial use, the manufacturer offers more color variants.

The same information can be found at the official manufacturer’s website, therefore this data is completely verified. On the same website, you can also find a similar comparison table to ours, which also backs up the information above.

Since the units differ mainly in color, they can be used interchangeably in professional and home use. Although, we have to admit, that the EyeVac Pro version looks more adequate for businesses.

Those are pretty much all the aspects, that you should keep in mind. Based on those factors, you can already choose the best one for your situation. If you would like to learn more about each unit, we strongly suggest to continue reading the article. At the end of the article, you can also find a winner of this comparison.

Cleaning performance

The cleaning performance is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing your new vacuum cleaner. By this, we mean how well a particular unit does, compared to other products from a similar price range.

We have to say, that all of Eyevac’s products are very decent in terms of overall cleaning performance. Not only products from this article seem to work fine but also versions such as “EyeVac Home” or “EyeVac+”. 

Both EyeVac Pet and EyeVac Pro remove all kinds of dirt, debris, or hair with ease. We didn’t encounter any clogging or other problems with either vacuum. The used technology seemed to work just as intended and cleaned everything we threw under the vacuum.

The units utilize special infrared sensors, that detect debris approximately 8-10 in. away from the inlet. Then, the vacuums start to suck in all the dirt and debris with short 7-second vacuum cycles, which ensure that the EyeVac product does not stay on for an extended amount of time.

What’s more, those stationary vacuums are also capable of recognizing the sweeping motion. This is an ideal solution for commercial use including hair salons, boutiques, hospitality, kitchens, and small businesses. The touchless design is also very comfortable in a household.

It’s also a perfect solution for households with pets, people with mobility concerns, or any space that requires regular sweeping. All of the dirt and debris gets sucked into the special canister, which holds significantly more than any upright vacuum.

The infrared sensors are rather reliable in EyeVac Pet and EyeVac Pro. However, some people say, that it’s different in the case of the EyeVac Home. The sensors on this model can sometimes glitch and be problematic. Luckily, it’s not the case in models from this article.

Vacuuming the floor isn’t the only function of those stationary vacuums, as each one also cleans the air from dust and other types of dirt and debris. They can do this, with the use of two high-efficiency filters, that have to be taken care of regularly.

There’s also an indicator light, that lets you know whether the canister needs to be emptied. If it’s full, you just have to simply pull the canister out, remove the lid and premotor filter to empty. 

On the unit, you can also find a special control dial, that allows you to switch between auto, manual, and canister full settings.

The storage also is very convenient, as you don’t need any batteries or docking stations. The unit can be simply plugged in, while the hooks at the back allow for EyeVac’s cord to store neat and clean.

Both devices are eligible for all hard floor types, some of those are wood, linoleum, tile, or cement.

Those are pretty much all the crucial aspects when it comes to the cleaning performance. Both models do a very good job at getting rid of the dirt and debris. We would say, that the value for money ratio is extraordinarily good in the case of those stationary vacuums.


Capacity is another crucial aspect when it comes to picking the best stationary vacuum for your household, as it’s the only thing, that isn’t automated. Emptying the canister and taking care of the filter is pretty much all you have to do with this vacuum in terms of maintenance.

The canister capacity in both vacuums is the same, offering approximately 1.6 gals. This is noticeably more than most of the standard upright vacuum offers, not to mention the robotic vacuums with less than half of this capacity. 

Thanks to this, you don’t have to empty the vacuum this often, although the whole process is rather convenient and simple. You just have to pull the canister out, remove the lid, and premotor filter empty. 

What’s more, both EyeVac Pet and EyeVac Pro have a built-in light indicator, which tells you whether the canister has to be emptied.


The design is pretty much the only difference in those stationary vacuums. Usually, this factor is quite important in other cleaning devices, as it determines maneuverability, portability, and other crucial aspects.

This time, however, the manufacturer only had to keep the units looking neat and professional. Since they will be in plain sight for most of the time, it’s important to keep them pleasing to the eye.

Fortunately, in our opinion, the manufacturer managed to do this. The units look very professional, and they easily compose most of the furniture. The power cord on the back of the units can be stored neatly, using special hooks.

If you are looking for more technical information, the EyeVac Pet and EyeVac Pro have the same dimensions, measuring 13 x 7.5 x 20.5 in. and weighing approximately 14 lb. 

Cord length

Cord length isn’t too important in upright vacuums, as usually, you can use an extension cord. This setup isn’t visible most of the time, so that’s the standard solution. However, in stationary vacuums you may want to keep everything neat and clean, therefore it’s good to take some basic measurements.

The cord length in both units is the same, measuring 6 ft. This may not be the longest cord, so keep that in mind, before you make the purchase. Make sure, that the power cord is long enough to reach the outlets from the spot you’ve chosen.


The price is another crucial thing to keep in mind, although, you probably already know the possible price difference. Nonetheless, we decided to mention the price of both units in the article. Remember, that the price often fluctuates, and it can vastly differ from what we’ve written below.

Right now, the EyeVac Pro can be found on Amazon for the price of $139.00 in “Designer white” and “Silver” color, however, in black, the price is only $95.69 (Click here to see the price!).

The EyeVac Pet, on the other hand, can be found on Amazon for the price of $132.05 (Click here to see the price!).

You should decide whether other color variants are worth the extra money. Based on this aspect, you will probably know which vacuum is the right choice for you.

Package content

The package includes EyeVac’s product with a power cord and attached filters. You don’t have to get any extra filters unless you want spare ones in case of an emergency. Thanks to this, you won’t have to wait for new ones, and you will be able to continue the cleaning.

Nonetheless, this shouldn’t happen and everything you need is included in the package. After you get the product, it can be plugged in and it’s ready to start cleaning. Just be sure to set the right mode for your unit.

Necessary maintenance

The maintenance is an aspect, that’s unfortunately often skipped. It’s a mistake since, in order to keep your new cleaning device operating at the desired level and to prevent any permanent damage, you should always take proper maintenance steps.

Fortunately, in the case of those two stationary vacuum cleaners, you don’t need to do too much. We won’t be getting into details, as it would make the whole article too long. We will, however, give you some basic maintenance tips, that you should keep in mind.

In order to keep your new EyeVac’s product operating at the desired level, you should:

  • Regularly empty the canister
  • Regularly wash the filter
  • Check for any stuck dirt or debris
  • Clean the whole unit from building up dust

Those are only some basic maintenance steps, we strongly suggest reading the user’s guide, if you want to have all the necessary information.


In conclusion, both stationary vacuums are very decent, what’s more, we are sure that most of the users should be satisfied with either one of them. This is due to the fact, that there aren’t many differences.

One big dissimilarity to keep in mind is the color of the unit. The devices come in different color variants, the EyeVac Pet can be found only in “Designer White” while the EyeVac Pro is available in “Tuxedo Black”, “Designer White”, and “Silver”.

We will have to say, that the EyeVac Pro looks more professional, and the black version can be found significantly cheaper. Therefore, the EyeVac Pro is a winner of this comparison. Nonetheless, both units can be used interchangeably, due to almost no differences.

We hope, that after reading this article, you will be satisfied with your final choice.