Hoover CleanSlate vs Bissell Little Green

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There is no other such effective way to clean a carpet as hot water extraction. This is a method used in all carpet cleaners produced nowadays, including two models we will compare today. If you are wondering which carpet cleaner is better – Hoover Cleanslate vs Bissell Little Green, then below you can find a quick answer.

A quick answer: Both models get the job done, however, Bissell Little Green seems to be a little more effective when scrubbing stubborn stains. Despite the smaller scrubbing head, the suction seems to be more concentrated, and therefore, better at removing dirt from the carpet. Additionally, it sprays the solution with more force, covering a larger area.

Bottom Line: Since we mostly care about cleaning performance, we would recommend getting a Bissell Little Green.

Hoover Cleanslate has a bigger scrubbing head which can be useful when cleaning large rugs. This product also comes with two more attachments, the first one is just a little scrubbing head, while the other one is a hose-cleaning attachment. The dirty water tanks also differ as you have to remove the whole lid in Cleanslate to pour out the dirty water. The lid can be hard to open sometimes, although it allows for better rinsing.

Hoover Cleanslate vs Bissell Little Green – Comparison Table

Image showing Bissell Little Green.Image showing Hoover Cleanslate.
NAME:Bissell Little GreenHoover CleanSlate
SIZE:10 x 19 x 14.5 in.14 x 10.5 x 13 in.
WEIGHT:9.6 lb.9 lb.
CAPACITY:48 oz.64 oz.
UNIQUE FEATURES:2 extra attachments (smaller scrubbing head, hose-cleaning attachment), dirty water tank can be opened
CORD LENGTH:15 ft.18 ft.
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Main differences

To start off, Bissell Little Green performs better, especially when removing stubborn stains. Hoover Cleanslate can get the job done, although, it will require more time and harder scrubbing. This can be related to the difference between scrubbing heads, as Bissell offers a smaller one which concentrates more suction power.

Hoover Cleanslate, on the other hand, comes with more attachments. It features an additional scrubbing head for tight spaces and a hose-cleaning attachment. The second one can be used to rinse out all the dirt from the hose by simply running the cleaner with the attachment on.

The Bissell Little Green also sprays more solution which makes removing stubborn dirt easier. It also sprays the carpet with more force, covering a larger area. Hoover Cleanslate shoots the solution in a rather small stream with not enough force to cover the same area.

There’s also a difference between clean and dirty water tanks. Clean water tanks are rather similar, excluding the indicator lines. In Bissell Little Green the indicator line show how much formula and how much water you should pour. In Hoover Cleanslate the indicator line shows how much formula (that you have to mix) should be poured. In fact, there are two indicator lines in Cleanslate, one for cleaning a small area, and one for cleaning a large area.

However, the biggest difference can be spotted in dirty water tanks. The Bissell Little Green has a tank that is designed exactly the same as a clean water tank, however, Hoover Cleanslate has a special lid that needs to be opened in order to pour out the dirty water. The lid can be sometimes hard to open, although, it allows you to rinse the tank more thoroughly.

Based on those differences, we decided to pick Bissell Little Green, it simply provides more power which translates to better stain removal. If you have a large household, choosing a Hoover may be a better option, due to its wider hose.


Since all the major differences are covered, it might be beneficial to talk about any similarities between those two carpet cleaners. After all, they are very similar, and they do provide a similar cleaning experience.

The first similarity that we have noticed is the hose length, you won’t get any more reach than the standard 4 feet. Each cleaner also has a very compact design, allowing you to freely carry it around. The accessories between those products differ, however, each brush has a solid construction with stiff bristles.

Each carpet cleaner is also very easy to use. You do not need any experience to start your day-to-day cleaning session. Either one works well in terms of spot cleaning, removing stains, pet messes, and even odors. You can expect better performance after Bissell due to the “strong suction” when talking about set-in stains.

Both carpet cleaners also have the option to take off the cleaning tool, which makes the maintenance process easier. In fact, if any debris gets inside the cleaning tool reducing its effectiveness, you can take it apart.

When plugged in, the power cord length of Bissell Little Green measures 15 feet while Hoover CleanSlate measures 3 feet more. Since the cord length is similar, we did not take this into account when comparing those two tools.

Tank capacity is also very similar between those two tools measuring around 40 oz., with Bissell being a bit on the larger side.


As we said earlier, there are no extra attachments for Bissell that come included in the package. However, some are sold separately and can be purchased at the manufacturer’s store. Hoover CleanSlate features two additional parts which we describe below in more detail.

Small scrubbing head

A small scrubbing head is a perfect solution for getting the dirt out of very tight spaces. Since the standard brush is wide, sooner or late there may be a need to use the small accessory. The suction power using the smaller attachment seems to be similar.

Hose cleaning attachment

The hose cleaning attachment is located on the exterior of the Hoover CleanSlate. After you take it out, put it on the end of the hose. Even though it doesn’t strap on, the attachment sits tightly. Now press the trigger for 30 seconds and allow the water to circulate, cleaning the hose at the same time.


Maintenance is necessary when using either one of these tools since we are dealing with a lot of dirt and grime daily. All the debris settles in various parts of carpet cleaners, making those cleaning tools less efficient. Regular cleaning will prevent this from happening.

Before you use any of our tips, be sure to unplug the device from all power sources first. Without further ado, here are some quick maintenance tips, that we would recommend:

  • Regularly clean your carpet cleaner. All the grime that gets sucked inside can accumulate in your carpet cleaner, causing the loss of suction or even damage to mechanical parts. It’s also a good idea to clean the carpet cleaner after every use, so the dirt doesn’t get dry and hard to remove.
    • Clean the nozzle. Take off the nozzle and remove any hair that is stuck inside, a pair of scissors may come in handy for this. Now rinse out the nozzle with regular tap water. If just water isn’t enough, you can add dish soap and scrub it with a clean cloth.
    • Clean all the attachments. All the attachments can be taken off, and then cleaned under regular tap water. Most of the dirt gets accumulated between bristles in the brush tool, therefore, be sure to give it some extra scrubbing. We recommend using regular dish soap for cleaning those parts.
    • Clean the hose. This part of your carpet cleaner has the greatest risk of accumulating dirt and grime over a long time. It can lead to reduced suction and worse cleaning performance. In rare cases, the hose can clog completely and damage some of the parts of your carpet cleaner.
  • Use only branded cleaning solution. If you want to prolong the life of your carpet cleaner, we highly recommend using only branded cleaning solution. It not only happens to be more efficient most of the time but also works great with a given product. Using a homemade solution can bring unexpected results.
  • Let all the parts dry. Water that gets inside the mechanical parts of your carpet cleaner can break the tool at best and cause life hazard at worst. Always let the parts dry before you put them inside your carpet cleaner again. The same risk comes with cleaning the exterior of your carpet cleaner.


Hoover CleanSlate vs Bissell Little Green? – We have our pick. Read the paragraph below to learn which carpet cleaner is the winner of our comparison.

In conclusion, both portable carpet cleaners can get the job done. That being said, we would recommend investing in Bissell Little Green purely thanks to the excellent cleaning effectiveness. Any stubborn stains are removed better, probably, due to the stronger suction. This portable carpet cleaner also sprays the cleaning solution with more force, covering a larger area.

It’s important to address, that Hoover CleanSlate is also a decent cleaning tool. Thanks to its wider scrubbing head, it may actually be a better choice for you, as long as you don’t mind harder scrubbing. The design also allows for better maintenance since the lid on the dirty water tank opens completely, allowing for better reach. An extra hose cleaning attachment at no additional cost can also be handy, during the routine deep cleaning.