Hoover Smartwash vs Hoover Power Scrub Elite – Review and comparison

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In this article, we will talk about two very popular carpet cleaners – Hoover Smartwash vs power scrub elite.

We know how hard can be choosing the right carpet cleaner for your household. On the market, you can find a number of products, that offer various advanced cleaning technologies, in almost any price range.

Going with well-known brands is always a reasonable solution, especially if you don’t know much about different carpet cleaners. In order to help you pick the best model for your situation, we decided to create this article.

Today, we will compare two very popular carpet cleaners, that are a common choice among many house owners – Hoover Smartwash vs Hoover Power Scrub Elite. Those two models, have proven, that you don’t need to spend a fortune, in order to get above-average performance.

Based on the opinions online and our own tests, we will thoroughly compare those two models. At the end of the article, you can find a quick summary with the winner of the comparison. However, if you want to learn more details about each of the cleaners, please read the whole article.

In the beginning, you can also find all the most crucial dissimilarities.

Without further ado, let’s start the comparison!

Hoover Smartwash vs Power Scrub Elite

Hoover Power Scrub Elite
NAME:Hoover SmartwashHoover Power Scrub Elite
SIZE:18.9 x 13 x 43.5 in.17.5 x 12.3 x 43 in.
WEIGHT:18.5 lb.18.5 lb.
UNIQUE FEATURES:Push to clean & pull to dry technology, 5 years warranty,Large variety of cleaning modes, 2 years warranty
TANK CAPACITY:1 gallon1.25 gallon
CORD LENGTH:24 ft.20 ft.
HOSE LENGTH:8 ft.8 ft.
CHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON:Amazon.comAmazon.com

Main differences

In the beginning, we would like to address, that both carpet cleaners are actually great overall units. In this price range, it’s hard to find something better, and using either one of them in day-to-day cleaning should be satisfying. However, there are some key differences, that you should know about before you make the final decision.

The first major difference is the cleaning technology. The Hoover Smartwash has a little more automatic cleaning process, while the Hoover Power Scrub Elite allows for more flexibility. The Smartwash model has “push to clean & pull to dry technology” which doesn’t work that well. The Power Scrub Elite, on the other hand, boasts many dials and switches to adjust the cleaning process to your needs.

As we found out from our tests, the cleaners are also better at removing different types of stains. The Hoover Smartwash for example does better when dealing with standard stains while the Hoover Power Scrub Elite removes the deeply embedded stains faster.

The next big difference is the warranty time in both models. The Hoover Smartwash has a warranty, that lasts 5 years while the Power Scrub Elite, unfortunately, has only 2 years of warranty. It’s a big gap, although, both models are pretty durable when properly maintained.

Another thing, that may seem major to some people is the cord length. There is also a difference in cord length, the Hoover Smartwash has a 24 ft. power cord, while the Hoover Power Scrub Elite has only 20 ft. of cord. This may be something to consider, especially if you are not planning on using any extension cords.

There are also some less crucial differences, such as the tank capacity. The Hoover Smartwash boasts a 1-gallon tank while the Hoover Power Scrub Elite has a 1.25-gallon tank. In our opinion, it’s not a big difference, as you will have to refill the tanks during the whole house cleaning anyway.

Those are pretty much all the key differences in both models. Of course, if you want to learn more we advise you to read the rest of the article. However, based on the aspects above, you can easily decide which carpet cleaner is a better solution for your household

Cleaning performance

Cleaning performance is probably the most important aspect when it comes to carpet cleaners. By this, we mean how well a particular unit removes all kinds of dirt from the carpets. We also take into consideration the cleaning technology, available features and different types of carpets.

The Hoover Smartwash has a unique “push & pull” system, that works by cleaning the carpet when you push the cleaner forward and drying the carpet when you pull the unit. The idea behind this feature is pretty clever, however, it doesn’t work that well.

The cleaner often has a problem recognizing the direction of movement, especially when you move it slowly (which is the most efficient way of cleaning). What’s more, it doesn’t give you that much flexibility nor power, opposed to the Hoover Power Scrub Elite.

There is, however, a useful “dry only” mode, that won’t engage the cleaning mechanism. This allows for faster dry time and fewer problems connected to cleaning in the end. It utilizes the same drying technology as its opponent, the “Heatforce Drying technology”.

The number of attachments, that are included in the box is the same for both cleaners. All of the tools and other extras will be discussed at the end of the article.

The Hoover Power Scrub Elite is also a very efficient carpet cleaner, this one, however, does better when dealing with deeply embedded dirt. What’s unique about this model, is the number of useful features, that enhance the flexibility of the cleaning process.

The first thing, that caught my eye when using this cleaner was the handy dial, which lets you switch between only rinsing and washing with the solution. This allows you to save the formula for the extra-dirt spots, where you will need it. The rest of the carpet can be cleaned using the regular rinsing, or cleaned for the second time with that mode.

Another great feature is the trigger located at the main hose. Using a simple press of a button, you can apply the formula in the specific location, and get rid of the dirt with the special tool.

There’s also a switch, that allows you to choose between “deep clean” and “quick clean”. The manufacturer states, that when using “quick clean” mode the carpets can dry in 45 minutes, which is quite impressive for a carpet cleaner in this price range.

Those are pretty much all the crucial aspects when it comes to cleaning technology. Based on the factors above, we would say, that the Hoover Power Scrub Elite wins when it comes to cleaning efficiency. All the features allow you to easily adjust the unit for your needs.


The capacity in both carpet cleaners isn’t too big, however, it’s the only way to keep both units lightweight. Thanks to this solution, you don’t need to suffer carrying either one of them up the stairs. Although, this can be a downside for people with large households.

The Hoover Smartwash has a tank capacity of 1 gallon, while the Hoover Power Scrub Elite boasts a 1.25-gallon capacity. A little larger canister won’t save you from refilling the carpet cleaner a couple of times during the cleaning process, but it can make your life a little easier.

Both dirt and clean water tanks are removable, so you don’t have to struggle in order to empty or refill them. This feature is, of course, present in both carpet cleaners.

We don’t really think, that it makes a big difference, although, we will have to give a win to the Hoover Power Scrub Elite on this one.


The design is also an important aspect when choosing your new carpet cleaner. After all, you will be using this device for quite long periods. A good thing is, that both cleaners have an ergonomic construction, that is very comfortable.

The Hoover Smartwash measures exactly 18.9 x 13 x 43.5 in. and weighs 18.5 lb. while the Hoover Power Scrub is 17.5 x 12.3 x 43 in. and has the same weight, as states the manufacturer.

An important aspect, when it comes to the design is comfortable handling and great maneuverability, which are present in both carpet cleaners. The construction seems pretty sturdy, although, not as sturdy as in for example Bissell’s products.

A big downside to the Hoover Smartwash is a problematic power button. When you use this device for the first time, you may have a problem switching it on, as the button is rather unintuitive. Many consumers seem to report this problem, so it’s something to keep in mind.

Both units have removable parts, which is a great thing when we consider regular maintenance. It’s an important part of keeping the device operating at the desired level, as well as, preventing it from any permanent damage.

There’s also no difference in the cleaning path. Either one of the products is capable of cleaning a 12 in. path.

It’s hard to pick a winner in terms of the overall design, that’s why we will call it a draw. Both carpet cleaners have a comfortable and optimal design for day-to-day cleaning.

Cord length

The cord length can be an important aspect for people with big households, that’s why we decided to include it. If you are not planning to use an extension cord and you don’t have a lot of outlets, then you should probably go with the model, that has a longer cord length.

The Hoover Smartwash has a 24 ft. power cord, while the Hoover Power Scrub boasts only 20 ft. of power cord. Even though the numbers are pretty similar, the Hoover Smartwash is a winner when it comes to cord length.


This is also one of the most, if not the most important aspect when choosing your new carpet cleaner. It’s also the main aspect why those two carpet cleaners are so popular. The budget price combined with the excellent performance of those vacuums is the reason why they are so popular.

The price range is fairly similar for both models, the Hoover Smartwash can be found on Amazon at the price of $249.99, however, there’s often a discount, that lets you save 22%. The Hoover Power Scrub Elite can be found on Amazon for the price of $229.99.

When it comes to the price, once again, we are not going to choose a winner here. Either of the models can be often found on various discounts online, making the price almost the same.

Package content

The package content isn’t necessarily the most important aspect when buying a new carpet cleaner, however, it can be a nice addition to your new unit. An extra bottle of formula or an additional attachment can seriously affect the performance of the cleaner.

The Hoover Smartwash provides a number of additional tools and bonuses, those are:

  • 2-in-1 Antimicrobial Pet ToolSample Bottle of the Cleaning Solution
  • Accessory Storage Bag

The Hoover Power Scrub Elite also comes with some extras, and those are:

  • Bottle of detergent
  • Storage bag with hooks
  • 2-in-1 pet tool

All of the tools are useful during the day-to-day cleaning process. Reaching above the floor areas, cleaning carpets, or removing pet hair and odor should be effortless. We also highly value the possibility of hanging the storage bag after the cleaning.

Necessary maintenance

In order to keep either of the carpet cleaners operating at the desired level or to prevent any permanent damage, you need to maintain them. It’s a crucial aspect, that often gets skipped when choosing a new cleaning device.

Fortunately, both cleaners are easy to maintain, thanks to a number of removable elements. We won’t be getting into specifics here, however, we will try to list the most common steps, that are suitable for most carpet cleaners.

In order to keep the device running at the desired level, remember to:

  • Regularly rinse both clean and dirty water tanks
  • Regularly check the brush roll for any stuck dirt and/or debris
  • At least once a week clean the cover of the brush, nozzle, and rinse the tank
  • Replace any used or damaged elements as fast as possible

Just to be sure, that you are doing everything right and you are not missing any important steps, remember to read the user’s guide.


In conclusion, both carpet cleaners are a great choice, especially in this price range. We would say, that choosing either one of the products should satisfy most of the consumers, although, there are some key differences to keep in mind.

The most important dissimilarities are the cleaning technology (more automatic in the Hoover Smartwash and more adjustable in the Hoover Power Scrub Elite), tank capacity (little bigger in the Hoover Power Scrub Elite), power cord length (shorter on Hoover Power Scrub Elite), warranty (shorter on Power Scrub elite).

Based on those aspects, you can choose which product is a more appealing option. In our opinion, this comparison wins the Hoover Power Scrub Elite. While this device isn’t perfect, it has some irreplaceable features, that allow for adjustable and comfortable cleaning.

We hope, that after reading this article, you will be satisfied with the final choice.