How to clean Lululemon belt bag? – [Full Guide]

Image showing a Lululemon belt bag.

Whether you are a seasoned lover or a newcomer to the Lululemon brand, there comes a day when you get your fanny pack dirty. The official instructions on the website call for dry spot cleaning with a cloth, however, that is often not enough. Therefore a question comes up – How to clean a Lululemon belt bag?

Quick Answer:

To clean your belt bag, we highly recommend spot cleaning the stained area with Oxiclean and a brush. To do this, mix OxiClean with a small amount of water and apply the solution to the stained area. Brush the stain gently to get out the embedded dirt, and put the belt bag in lukewarm water when you are done. Rinse off the cleaning detergent and hang your fanny pack to air dry. Keep in mind to avoid any direct heat or sunlight.

Another way to tackle this problem is with regular dish soap and clean cloth. Apply some dish soap to the stained area and gently rub the area with a damp cloth. Let the dish soap sit on the stain for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly with regular tap water. Repeat the process until the stain is gone.

It’s important to add that despite the manufacturer’s recommendations, many people washed their Lululemon belt bags in the washing machine. This can be done if the material has deeply embedded dirt or old stains.

Why should you regularly clean your Lululemon belt bag?

Cleaning your Lululemon belt bag is necessary for a number of reasons, and maintaining a fresh look is only one of them. Every fanny pack owner should keep those things in mind:

  • Hygiene. Fanny packs accumulate a lot of germs and bacteria that can lead to various illnesses. Since bags come into contact with all types of surfaces every day, it’s easy to pick up dust, and dirt, and spread them around.
  • Appearance. Belt bags that are not cleaned regularly will accumulate a lot of dirt and grime, which will cause them to look dull and worn down. Regular maintenance prevents this from happening and keeps your fanny pack fresh and clean.
  • Durability. Regular care will help you keep the belt bag in good condition, as dirt and grime contribute to various cracks and tears.

How to clean Lululemon belt bag?

There are many ways to clean your Lululemon belt bag depending on its condition. Choose one that will fit the best in your scenario, and try to follow the official Lululemon’s recommendation if possible.

Official cleaning method

Lululemon advises dry spot cleaning with a clean cloth to get rid of any stains. To do so, get a clean cloth and wipe the whole bag to loosen up the surface grime. Most of the time this isn’t enough, therefore, you can dampen the cloth with regular tap water, and give it another chance.

Many customers have reported that this cleaning method isn’t enough to remove even the lightest stains. We, unfortunately, have to agree – Take a look at other cleaning methods to remove dirt that’s embedded in the fabric.

Spot cleaning with Oxiclean and brush

Image showing OxiClean.

Using Oxiclean with a brush is usually enough to remove all kinds of stains. Start by mixing Oxiclean with a small amount of water in a container, to create your cleaning solution. When that’s done, treat the stains and start brushing the stained areas gently.

Do not apply excessive pressure, as this can damage the fabric.

Put the belt bag in lukewarm water and rinse off the cleaning detergent. Finally, hang your Lululemon belt bag to air dry avoiding direct heat and sunlight.

Spot cleaning with dish soap

Image showing a dish soap.

Dish soap can be a great alternative to regular cleaning detergent, simply apply the solution directly to the dirty areas. Now get a damp cloth and rub the stain for 5 to 10 minutes. When you are done, rinse the fanny pack thoroughly, and repeat the process if necessary. Hang the bag to air dry avoiding sources of direct sunlight and heat.

Gentle cleaning cycle

Image showing a washing machine.

If your Lululemon belt bag is very dirty, you can consider putting it inside a washing machine. There are customers who confirmed that they do this regularly to their fanny packs, however, it’s riskier than any other method presented here.

The safest way to machine wash your belt bag is to put it inside a mesh bag and set a delicate cleaning cycle. Pretreat any stained areas with cleaning detergent before you start the cycle, and put a regular amount of detergent in the washing machine.

Air dry the belt bag, straying away from any direct heat or sunlight. Definitely do not put the bag inside a dryer.

Bonus method – Video Tutorial

How to keep your Lululemon belt bag fresh? – [3 Tips]

If you would like to prevent permanent stains on your belt bag, keep the material looking fresh, and extend its lifetime, here are some tips to follow:

  • Use baby wipes. When you happen to stain the belt bag, immediately use baby wipes to get rid of any dirt. If the stain is fresh, this should be enough to tackle it completely. Otherwise, you will have to go through a long cleaning process, that may damage the fabric.
  • Use Fabric Guard. Lululemon belt bags are made out of polyester and nylon which have water-repellent properties. Unfortunately, the coating gets weaker with regular use, however, you can try to restore the original water-repellent properties using Fabric Guard.
  • Store it properly. Remember to keep your belt bag in a cool, dry place away from any direct sunlight or moisture. This will prevent any damage from environmental factors.


Are Lululemon fanny packs machine washable?

Washing your Lululemon belt bag is not advised, however, it can be done if you take proper precautions. Put your fanny pack inside a mesh bag and pretreat the stains with a detergent. Set only a gentle washing cycle, and reduce the spin option if you can.

Are Lululemon fanny packs waterproof?

Lululemon fanny packs are water-repellent, thanks to the coated nylon and polyester fabric. The coating can wear down with time, therefore, we recommend using a Fabric guard or any other fabric protector.

What does Lululemon washing instruction symbols mean?

Meaning of Lululemon belt bag's instruction symbols.

When looking at Lululemon washing instructions, you can see different symbols. A water jug stands for washing, and a square circle translates to a dryer. The dark triangle represents bleaching while the iron is just a standard iron. The big “X” over those symbols means to not use those methods.

What are Lululemon belt bags made of?

Lululemon belt bags are made out of polyester and nylon which are water-repellent. The coating helps to prevent any stains, however, it wears down with time. We recommend using a fabric protector to restore the original water-repellent properties if your belt bag is old.

How to wash Lululemon everywhere belt bag?

To wash Lululemon everywhere belt bag, you should start by applying Oxiclean or dish soap to the stained areas. Now get a brush or a damp cloth and gently rub the dirty areas. Keep doing this until most of the stain is gone and rinse off the material with water. Finally, hang the belt bag to air dry away from direct heat and sunlight.


In conclusion, to clean your Lululemon belt bag you will need Oxiclean and a brush. Create a mixture out of Oxiclean and a small amount of water, then apply it directly to the stains. Brush the dirty area gently, and rinse off the material when you are done. Finally, hang your belt bag to air dry avoiding direct heat and sunlight.

We know how time-consuming cleaning can be. If you would like to learn more about removing dirt from other Lululemon products, we highly recommend reading our other articles on how to clean Lululemon yoga mat or how to clean suede yoga mat.