How to clean Lululemon yoga mat? – [Complete Guide]

Image showing a Lululemon yoga mat.

To clean your Lululemon yoga mat you can use one of three methods. Each one involves creating a homemade cleaning solution and wiping down the dirt with a clean cloth. The most popular and easiest cleanser is white vinegar mixed with warm water. Simply spray the mat with the mixture, wipe it down, and rinse with water. Tea tree oil can be added for extra antibacterial properties.

Alternatively, you can mix mild dish soap with water, apply it to a clean cloth, and wipe down the mat. Many people also recommend using a mixture consisting of baking soda and lemon juice. Each method works well in terms of removing dirt, odors, or stains.

We highly recommend making a homemade cleaning solution, as this guarantees chemicals-free cleaning. The yoga mat is something that often touches your bare skin, therefore using natural cleaning methods is safer.

That being said, many people still prefer branded chemical cleaners. If your Lululemon yoga mat is in bad condition, this may be inevitable. Chemical cleaners usually do a better job at removing stubborn stains or deeply embedded dirt and grime. If you choose to follow this option, don’t forget to thoroughly rinse the mat with water after applying the cleaner.

Why should you clean your Lululemon yoga mat?

Cleaning a Lululemon yoga mat is necessary for a number of reasons. In fact, dealing with dirt and grime regularly is essential if you want to keep all of your yoga equipment in a good condition. What’s more, this has been confirmed on the official website of the manufacturer.

Here’s the list of reasons why you should clean your Lululemon yoga mat regularly:

  • Hygiene. Using your mat regularly will cover its surface with dirt, dust, sweat, or even dead skin cells. Unfortunately, those are perfect conditions for harmful microorganisms to thrive in. Wiping the mat down, or deep cleaning it will remove all the harmful bacteria.
  • Longevity. Oils from skins combined with dirt and dust can easily break down the material over the course of time. Cleaning the mat regularly will significantly extend its lifespan.
  • Appearance. The appearance of your yoga mat can drastically change based on its hygiene. Lululemon yoga mat that’s not cleaned regularly will become discolored and unsightly. 
  • Skin health. A dirty mat can also be uncomfortable to exercise on, and what’s more important, it can cause skin irritation and rash. Using an unhygienic mat for a long time can eventually develop long-term skin problems.

Those are only some of the reasons why you should clean your Lululemon yoga mat. Keep in mind that regular cleaning can be as simple as wiping down the mat with a cloth and some water. That being said, deep cleaning should also be done every month or so.

How to clean a Lululemon yoga mat?

To clean your Lululemon yoga mat we highly recommend using a homemade cleaning solution. Since mat will often touch your bare skin, using harsh chemicals is not advised. That being said, if there are stubborn stains, a branded chemical cleaner may be the only option. 

Below we present you three methods to clean your Lululemon yoga mat using regular household items. Each method works great in terms of removing odors, dirt, or light stains. There’s no need to use these methods after each workout, try to deep clean your mat at least every month.

It’s important to address that cleaning suede yoga mat or cleaning cork yoga mat will differ from cleaning a regular yoga mat.

Infographic showing a step by step guide how to clean a lululemon yoga mat.
How to clean a Lululemon yoga mat? – Infographic

White vinegar with water

This method uses an old household cleaning solution, consisting of one part white vinegar with four parts water. Mix the liquids well and add a few drops of tea tree oil to use its extra antibacterial properties. The solution can be sprayed directly on the Lululemon yoga mat or on a clean cloth. Wipe down the surface and rinse with water when you are done. Let the mat air dry and do not use any direct heat or sunlight to speed up the process!

Dish soap and water

Dish soap with water is another classical combination used for various household cleanups. To be on the safer side, you can add only a few drops of mild dish soap. Stir the mixture combining those two ingredients and spray it on the mat or a clean cloth. Wipe down the surface well, while paying extra attention to any stains. Finally, rinse with water and let air dry in the shade.

Baking soda and lemon juice

To create this cleaning solution mix one teaspoon of baking soda with one cup of water and a few drops of lemon juice. Lemon juice gives a nice aroma with antibacterial properties, while baking soda helps you remove stubborn stains and deeply embedded dirt. Apply the mixture directly on the Lululemon yoga mat or on a clean cloth. Wipe down the mat and rinse well with water. Do not use any direct heat or sunlight, just let the mat air dry which should take no more than 24 hours.

Cleaning a yoga mat – Video tutorial

How often should you clean a Lululemon yoga mat?

Cleaning frequency differs based on how dirty is your Lululemon yoga mat. Try to examine if the mat needs some serious cleaning or just a few wipes with a clean cloth. We highly recommend that you create a habit of wiping down your mat after every use. This will prolong the lifespan of the product and improve its appearance.

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning should be done at least once a week. By this, we mean spraying the Lululemon yoga mat with water and wiping it down with a clean cloth. In the perfect scenario, you should do this after every workout, however, we know that it’s not always possible. The drying process here shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to 1 hour. Some people also add a few drops of lemon juice to the water creating a cleaning solution for those quick wipes.

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is necessary if there are stains or deeply embedded dirt. It doesn’t mean that you should do it otherwise, in fact, you should deep clean your Lululemon yoga mat at least once a month. We recommend choosing one of three cleaning methods mentioned in this article – white vinegar with water, water with dish soap, or baking soda and lemon juice. After either one of those methods you should rinse the mat well and air dry it (the process shouldn’t take more than 24 hours).

Tips for keeping your Lululemon yoga mat fresh and clean

Deep cleaning your Lululemon yoga mat is necessary from time to time, however, it’s best to keep it in good condition at all times. Some stains may become non-removable if you wait too long and dirt can settle deep into the material. This also leads to unpleasant smells that are hard to remove without harsh chemicals that can damage the surface of the mat.

If you want your Lululemon yoga mat to be fresh and clean before every training session, here are simple tips to follow:

  • Clean the mat after every use. Wiping down the surface with a damp cloth should be enough to remove the majority of dirt, bacteria, and sweat. This step prevents the buildup of odors, germs, and stains.
  • Prepare a cleaning solution. Many people recommend preparing a cleaning solution out of white vinegar and water. Having one will make the cleaning process easier and more effective. Use the solution instead of regular water and wipe down the excess. Rinsing is recommended, although not necessary with a small amount of formula.
  • Do regular deep cleaning. Try to deep clean your Lululemon yoga mat at least once a month to get the sweat and dirt that penetrated the fabric. Go with a natural homemade cleaning solution to avoid any unpleasant skin problems.
  • Store your mat properly. To prevent mold and mildew, always avoid storing your mat in damp and humid conditions. Try to go for dry, well-ventilated areas protected from dust and dirt. Rolling up the mat and storing it inside a bag is fine.

Those tips will help you keep your Lululemon yoga mat fresh and comfortable before every cleaning session. Creating a habit is vital to make the cleaning process effortless, therefore, we recommend keeping those in mind after every yoga session. As a result, it will prolong the lifespan and physical appearance of your Lululemon yoga mat.


What can I use to clean the Lululemon yoga mat?

To clean your Lululemon yoga mat you can use a homemade cleaning solution consisting of white vinegar and warm water, dish soap and water, or lemon juice and baking soda. That being said, deeply embedded dirt and old stains may require branded chemical agents. Be sure to check the ingredients of any cleaning agent you choose to prevent allergic reactions when using the yoga mat.

Why is my Lululemon yoga mat slippery?

Sweating can cause your Lululemon yoga mat to become slippery during practice. For many people, hot yoga sessions or long yoga classes are impossible without a yoga towel. The material of those is usually more durable and quick-drying compared to standard towels. We recommend picking one with silicone nubs to further enhance the grip.

The buildup of dirt and grime can be another reason why your Lululemon yoga mat is slippery. Simply clean the mat with a homemade cleaning solution and water to remove the surface grime.

How do I make my Lululemon yoga mat sticky again?

To make your Lululemon yoga mat sticky again, start by cleaning all the dirt on the surface. The buildup of grime can cause the mat to lose the original “stickiness”, therefore, try to wipe down the mat with water after every use. 

If that isn’t enough, you can try applying sea salt to remove the outer layer of the mat (be careful as this can cause permanent damage to your yoga mat). To do this, mix a teaspoon of salt with water and spray the solution over the top layer of your Lululemon yoga mat. Now leave it for 12 to 24 hours and rinse with water.

Another way to deal with this problem is to place a yoga towel on top of the mat or use yoga gloves and socks. 

How often should you replace your Lululemon yoga mat?

Lululemon yoga mats allow for 3 to 5 years of practice, depending on how frequent and dynamic are your sessions. The lifespan can be prolonged with proper care such as regular cleaning, only air drying, avoiding direct sunlight, using a yoga towel, etc. Replace your Lululemon yoga mat when the grip starts to decline and there is no way to preserve it.

Can you put Lululemon yoga mat in washer?

You don’t want to put your Lululemon yoga mat inside a washing machine. It’s actually one of the worst things you can do when cleaning a rubber yoga mat. Since most yoga mats are not designed to withstand the heat of the washing machine, doing this can damage the material, cause discoloration, or completely misshape the mat. To deep clean the Lululemon yoga mat, you should use a cloth with a cleaning solution instead.


In conclusion, taking care of your yoga mat prolongs its life and prevents unpleasant skin problems. If you want to clean your Lululemon yoga mat we highly recommend using a homemade cleaning solution. Applying harsh chemicals to the mat that touches your skin often can not only damage the fabric but also cause rash and irritate your skin.

The three most common homemade cleaning agents consist of white vinegar with warm water, dish soap with water, or baking soda and lemon juice. It’s also important to address that using those may not always suffice. Deeply embedded dirt and some stains may require a more serious treatment with branded chemical cleaners.

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