How to clean suede yoga mat? – [3 easy methods]

Image showing a question how to clean a suede yoga mat?

To thoroughly clean your suede yoga mat, create a mixture of white vinegar and water. To do this, get a 2 to 4-oz. bottle and fill it ¾ of the way with water and ¼ with white vinegar. Additionally, you can also add a couple of drops of tea tree or lavender essential oil. Mix the solution well and spray your suede yoga mat. Wipe off the dirt with a cloth and let the mat air dry.

Alternatively, if you want to give your yoga mat just a quick wipe, you can use bleach-free household disinfectant wipes. Those will remove the surface dirt and kill most germs and bacteria. Remember to let your yoga mat air dry before rolling it back up again.

For people who are afraid of water stains appearing on the surface of the mat, there’s also an option to use a suede brush and suede eraser. Those will not work that well compared to other methods, however, it should be enough to freshen up the mat.

Why should you clean your yoga mat?

A dirty yoga mat is an ideal breeding place for all types of germs and bacteria. This can further lead to developing skin diseases, mat damage, and more. The only option to remove them and keep the mat fresh is regular cleaning.

Here are the most important reasons why you should clean your yoga mat:

  • Hygiene. Keeping your yoga mat hygienic will make exercising more pleasurable and safe. Bacteria and germs that accumulate on the surface can cause problems with the skin such as rash and acne.
  • Durability. A yoga mat that is not cleaned regularly will accumulate dirt and debris that breaks down the fabric. Regular maintenance, including cleaning, is necessary if you want your mat to last you a long time.
  • Appearance. Dirt and grime that build up on your yoga mat make it look unpleasant and worn out. The surface also becomes discolored, often ruining the vivid print.

Those are only some of the reasons why you should care for your yoga equipment. Besides regular cleaning, be sure to follow all the care instructions given by the manufacturer. From our experience, proper storage is another weak point of many yogis.

How to clean a suede yoga mat

When cleaning a suede yoga mat, you need to be careful as the surface tends to be more delicate. Don’t overuse water or any cleaning solution and stray away from hard scrubbing. Without further ado, we present to you the three most popular ways to clean your suede yoga mat.

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Disinfectant wipes

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Disinfectant wipes are the probably easiest and quickest method to clean your suede yoga mat. Before we start, be sure to pick the ones that are gentle and bleach-free. Now start by unrolling the yoga mat gently wiping down any dirt and debris. Use only gentle pressure when it’s necessary, and let the mat air dry.

Keep in mind that this method will not remove any deeply embedded dirt and stains.

Suede brush and eraser

Image showing the second method on how to clean a suede yoga mat.

Both suede brush and suede eraser can be used for cleaning a yoga mat. That being said, this method is also eligible only for surface dirt and grime. To start, use a brush to remove the surface dirt moving it gently back and forth. Remove any light stains using a suede eraser, and rubbing the spot in circular motions. Now brush the yoga mat again, and repeat the whole process if necessary. 

Don’t use too much force, stubborn dirt won’t be removed without damaging the surface. To clean it, use the deep cleaning method shown below.

White vinegar and water

Image showing the third method on how to clean a suede yoga mat.

To clean the most stubborn stains and deeply embedded dirt use white vinegar with water. Get a 2 to 4-oz. bottle and fill it ¾ of the way with water and ¼ with white vinegar. To make the solution a little more effective and add a pleasant smell, mix a couple of drops of tea tree or lavender essential oil. Spray the mat thoroughly and wipe off the dirt with a clean cloth. Let your suede yoga mat air dry before you roll it back up again.

How to clean a suede yoga mat – [Video Tutorial]

How often should you clean a suede yoga mat?

The cleaning frequency will differ depending on your type of yoga. People that sweat a lot or do hot yoga sessions should clean the mat every 2 to 3 uses. On the other hand, people who do not sweat a lot or do only light sessions can stretch out cleaning frequency to 5 to 10 uses.

Many people recommend wiping down your suede yoga mat with disinfectant wipes after every session. This should take care of any surface dirt and grime.

Tips for keeping a suede yoga mat fresh

Besides regular cleaning, there are more things you can do to keep your suede yoga mat fresh and clean. Here are some of them:

  • Use a yoga towel. This will not only protect your mat from becoming slippery but also soak up any moisture that would otherwise get absorbed by the suede.
  • Create a cleaning spray. Creating a cleaning solution to use after every session will make the maintenance process easier. Just spray the surface and wipe down the excess moisture with a cloth.
  • Store your mat properly. Most importantly, store your mat only when it’s completely dry and relatively clean. You should also keep the material away from direct sunlight and moisture.


In conclusion, to clean your suede yoga mat, you can use one of three methods. Wipe down dirt with disinfectant wipes, brush the material with a suede brush and eraser, or spray it with white vinegar and water. That being said, creating a DIY cleaning solution will be the most effective way to get rid of deeply embedded dirt and stains.

A natural cleaning solution is also a safer option than any chemical cleaner. Since the yoga mat will be in contact with your skin most of the time, be careful when choosing alternative cleaning agents.