How to clean Yeezy 700 MNVN? – [4 Steps]

Image showing Yeezy 700 MNVN ready to be cleaned.

To make your Yeezys 700 MNVN look good and last a long time you need to clean them regularly. While the task is rather simple, cleaning them effectively without damaging the fabric can be troublesome for people who never washed any shoes.

Quick Answer:

Start by using a soft bristle brush to clean the fabric and remove any loose dirt and debris. Create or use a soft commercial cleaning solution and wipe down the surface of the shoe, giving extra attention to stained spots. Use a damp clean cloth to wipe off any water and detergent from the fabric of the shoe. Finish by air-drying the shoes away from direct sunlight and any heat sources!

A side note: Try to avoid using excess water as it can soak deep into the fabric making fibers weak. You should also stray away from harsh chemicals as those can cause discoloration and damage to the shoe.

If you do not have a soft bristle brush you can use an old toothbrush. Professional cleaning detergent can be also replaced by creating a homemade solution of warm water and gentle soap.

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Cleaning Yeezy 700 MNVN – Full guide

If you want to make your Yeezys 700 MNVN look brand new again, you will need a more thorough cleaning. To completely restore the look of your Yeezys we will need to address all parts of your shoes including surface fabric, soles, interior, and other hard-to-reach areas. All of this combined should restore 700 MNVN models to their original appearance.

Infographic showing how to clean yeezy 700 MNVN.
How to clean your Yeezys 700 MNVN? – Infographic

What will you need to clean the Yeezys?

Since the whole process is rather simple, you don’t need any professional equipment. That being said, investing in advanced shoe brushes, high-quality cleaning solutions, shoe trees, deodorizing sprays, and waterproofing sprays can turn out to be beneficial in the long run.

To deep clean your Yeezy 700 MNVN you will need:

  • Soft-bristled brush – A good alternative is an old toothbrush or a damp cloth. Stay away from materials that can scratch the fabric and the sole of your shoes.
  • Cleaning solution – Professional cleaning solution will be better at removing deeply embedded dirt, however, a mixture of mild soap and warm water is usually enough.
  • Clean cloths – These will be used to apply a cleaning solution and wipe down the excess moisture. A standard bath towel can also be used instead.
  • Scrub brushes – Any brush with harder bristles will work well since it will be used to scrub the soles. A toothbrush can be sufficient as long as it’s not too worn out.
  • Shoe trees – Those are helpful to maintain the shape of your shoe, especially when you’re scrubbing hard. The restoration process can also include gluing together some parts of shoes and trees are very practical in this aspect.

If you are not a sneakerhead and rarely deep-clean your shoes, choosing household items is the way to go. Find alternatives and work your way around the problems.

How to deep clean your Yeezys 700 MNVN?

Deep cleaning is a thorough cleaning process of your shoes that includes removing both surface and deeply embedded dirt. It’s essential when restoring shoes to a brand new condition, and when repairing various parts. We recommend doing it once or twice a month.

To deep clean your Yeezy 700 MNVN follow those steps:

  1. Apply shoe trees. They make the process much more comfortable and also prevent some damage from scrubbing too hard.
  2. Clean the shoelaces. Start off by removing shoelaces and throwing them into the basin or sink filled with warm water. Add some detergent to the water and try to remove outside dirt and grime by agitating them. To remove stubborn stains scrub them with a brush. Let the air dry when you are finished.
  3. Use a dry soft bristle brush. Try to get the surface dirt out using only a soft bristle brush. You can only do so much using this method, so don’t spend more than 10 minutes brushing them.
  4. Prepare a cleaning solution. A cleaning solution can be purchased or created using household items. Pick one that works well with lightweight polyester or combine warm water with mild soap.
  5. Apply the cleaning solution. Scrub the fabric of your shoe with a soft bristle brush using a cleaning solution. Avoid putting too much water as the soaked fabric can get damaged. Try to pay extra attention to stained areas.
  6. Remove the excess cleaning solution. Wipe off the excess cleaning solution using a damp clean cloth.
  7. Scrub the soles. Soles are usually harder to clean, therefore hard bristle brush is recommended. You can try using some baking soda with water to create a paste-like substance to get out the deeply embedded dirt. Don’t forget to wipe off any excess solution when you are done.
  8. Let the shoes air dry. Air drying is always the safest option after cleaning all fabric. Stray away from using direct heat or putting them in direct sunlight.

If you want to do any repairs to your shoes, it’s vital to do this after the cleaning process. Additionally, applying shoe deodorizer is a good practice that will help you keep them odor free and in good condition.

Video tutorial on how to clean Yeezy 700 MNVN

Why should you regularly clean your shoes?

Cleaning your sneakers regularly is not only good for their overall appearance but also prolongs their life significantly. Dirt and debris that are embedded deeply inside the fabric have a tendency to slowly weaken the fibers leading to tears or open seams. Regular maintenance also reduces the odors of your shoes.

How to do regular maintenance?

If you are wearing your Yeezys every day, deep cleaning them once every week or two is a good guideline. On the other hand, if they are more casual shoes, every one or two months should suffice. That being said, standard cleaning should be done more often, to make the process easier, we created a quick maintenance list below.

To prolong the life of your shoes, and maintain a good overall appearance follow those steps:

  1. Regularly wipe them down. Try to clean the surface dirt more often to prevent it from creating deeply embedded stains.
  2. Store the shoes properly. For this, we highly recommend using shoe trees, however, stuffing them with an old newspaper is also a good, old-school way.
  3. Treat them with care products. While leather shoes are much more sensitive to weather particles, it may be worth adding a water repellent to your Yeezys.
  4. Repair ASAP. Always try to repair your shoes as fast as possible. This prevents further damage and prolongs the life of your Yeezys.


To sum it up, start cleaning your Yeezy 700 MNVN by scrubbing the fabric with a dry soft bristle brush. Then apply a cleaning solution (homemade or a professional one) and scrub the fabric once again with the brush. Wipe off the excess cleaning solution with a damp cloth and air dry the shoes.