How to get candle wax out of carpet without an iron? – Full Guide

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In this article, we will teach you how to get candle wax out of your carpet without using an iron.

Candle wax stains are a common thing in almost every household. Many people enjoy having scented candles not only on special occasions, therefore, tackling those stains can be a regular thing. There are many ways to remove the candle wax out of your carpet, and one of them is using iron.

This method is rather popular, and most of the candle-lovers already know about it. However, what if you don’t have an iron in your household, or you don’t want to use one. Then, we have plenty of other options to choose from.

Today, we will cover the most convenient ways to remove candle wax out of your carpet without having an iron. We are sure, that some of them can be quite surprising for you, therefore, we highly recommend checking out each one.

Without further ado, let’s get into the proper part of the article.

How to remove candle wax from the carpet without an iron?


You can remove candle wax from your carpet in many ways without using an iron. Some of the most popular include ice cubes, a hairdryer, or blotting the carpet. Although, keep in mind, that there are more methods that can be used. That being said, we will cover those 3, as they are quite convenient.

We also have to address, that removing any other type of wax should be fairly similar. It’s not unusual to use those methods for removing makeup wax

Hair dryer method

The hair dryer can act as a great replacement for the iron if you don’t have one. To remove the candle wax out of your carpet using a hair dryer, you should first scrape any excess candle wax. This should be done using something dull – Typically, a simple spoon is enough. You may also want to vacuum any leftovers, as picking them by hand won’t be as efficient.

Another step is to prepare a damp clean towel which will be placed over the dirty area. If you are using a regular towel, keep in mind, that it may get dirty during this process. Consider using an old one, or a paper towel.

Now using a hair dryer, blow air at the dirty area – Any leftover candle wax should be melted, and instantly absorbed into the wet towel. If the wax doesn’t melt, try switching the air dryer to a higher temperature. You can also consider using another towel if one isn’t enough.

If there appears to be a stain, you can tackle it the standard way. Any solution used for oil-based stains should do fine, and if you don’t have one, we highly recommend making your own. This will save you additional costs, and also it won’t damage any fibers in your carpet.

From our experience, we could recommend using dishwashing soap, rubbing alcohol, or vinegar, and baking soda. Those homemade remedies work really well, even with stubborn stains.

Ice cube method

The ice cube method is another popular way of removing candle wax from your carpet. This is perfect for people who don’t want to use any appliances such as a hair dryer or an iron. You don’t need anything special for this method to work, as it’s based on cooling down the wax.

Firstly, you need to prepare a zipped plastic bag and fill it with ice cubes. The bag can’t leak, as we want to keep the carpet wet for now. Press the plastic bag onto the stain, in order to harden the candle wax. After this process, you can scrub the hardened wax with something dull – A spoon usually works great.

We also highly recommend using the vacuum, as picking everything by hand can be tiresome. If there’s a stain in the place of the wax, we highly recommend using a standard detergent. In case you don’t have any, you can create a homemade solution. For this purpose, dishwashing soap, rubbing alcohol, or vinegar, and baking soda work very well.

Blot method

The blot method is best for fresh candle wax, and you should know this one for any future accidents. This is a very basic way to tackle this problem, you just use a paper towel to quickly blot up the wax. Fold the paper towel, and put it directly on top of the wet wax.

Gently press on the dirty spot, and avoid wiping or rubbing it in. Be careful, as you don’t want to spread the wet wax deep down into the fibers. As you clean a good portion of wax, replace the paper towel with a new one and repeat the process. Do this until the wax doesn’t transfer onto the towel.

Frequently asked questions

Does candle wax stain the carpet?

This will often depend on the type of candle – If it’s a colored or scented one, then there’s a chance that it leaves a stain. The best way to tackle it is through some kind of cleaning solution – We always recommend using homemade formulas which include dishwashing soap, rubbing alcohol, or vinegar and baking soda.

Does vinegar dissolve wax?

Yes, vinegar dissolves wax – Thus, it’s such a good cleaning formula to tackle candle wax stains. Vinegar also shouldn’t be used to clean any waxed surfaces, unless, you want to remove the old coat of wax from the surface.

Does WD 40 remove candle wax?

WD40 is quite good at removing candled wax – It can get candle wax out of almost any surface, including carpeted areas. However, be sure, that your carpet isn’t too delicate for this type of cleaning.


In conclusion, there are multiple ways to get candle wax out of the carpet without using an iron. Some of the most common methods include using a hair dryer, ice, or simply blotting up the fresh wax. You are not limited to using an iron, that being said, it’s a common and convenient method.

Besides removing the leftover wax, you may also need to remove candle wax stains. For this, we usually recommend using a homemade solution, that includes either a dishwashing soap, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, or baking soda. You can also use some professional formulas if you don’t care about additional costs.

We hope, that after reading this article, you won’t have any more problems with candle wax on your carpet.