How to program Roomba 650? – Scheduling Explained

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In this article, we will tell you how to program your Roomba 650.

Roombas are a great advancement since most of the vacuuming is done for you. There are only a few simple things you have to do, in order to set up the whole device with a charging station. The technology allows you to run the robot a few times a week without pressing a single button.

This can be done using a cleaning schedule which is implemented in most of the Roombas available. However, people who are new to this kind of cleaning may have some trouble programming the vacuum for the first time. Not to worry! – We will explain everything you need to know below.

How to program your Roomba 650?

You can program Roomba 650 to operate multiple days a week, without the need of you touching the vacuum. This is allowed, thanks to the schedule function – It works by selecting the proper hour on a particular day. To start the process, you will have to turn on the device.

To program your Roomba 650, all you have to do is:

  1. Set the proper time – In order to program your Roomba 650 for cleaning, you will have to firstly set the proper time. The vacuum has to be synchronized with the real-time, to start cleaning at the right hour. Simply press and hold the “CLOCK” button, and then use “DAY”, “HOUR”, and “MINUTE” to synchronize the vacuum. When the “CLOCK” button is released, the chosen time will be saved.
  2. Schedule the cleaning – Scheduling is almost the same as setting the time. You just have to press and hold the “SCHEDULE” button and cycle through weekdays using the “DAY” button. Once you get to the proper weekday, you set the time using the “HOUR” and “MINUTE” buttons. After that, you can release the “SCHEDULE” button and everything will be saved.
  3. Viewing active schedules – After you set the schedule, you can see which ones are active by pressing and holding the “SCHEDULE” button. The weekdays which are highlighted are the ones that have a set schedule. You can cycle to them by pressing the “DAY” button, in order to see the time of the schedule.
  4. Deleting schedules – If you want to get rid of your schedules, simply press and hold the “SCHEDULE” button, cycle to the proper day by pressing the “DAY” button, and once you reach it, press and hold the “DAY” button. 
  5. Changing clock format – You can also change the clock format from 12 hours to 24 hours. This step is optional, however, you may find the other one easier depending on where you live. To do this, simply press and hold the “SCHEDULE”, “MINUTE”, and “DAY” buttons at the same time.

Those five steps will teach you everything you need to know about programming your Roomba. Although, there’s more to learn – If you would like to know what to do in case of any malfunction or errors, we highly recommend to continue reading the article.

How to reset Roomba 650?

If there’s anything with your Roomba, for example, it dies before reaching the charging station, you might want to reset the unit. The factory reset should be the last step, as it deletes the whole vacuum profile, meaning you will have to configure the device again.

There are other things that could be the problem such as placement of the charging station, obstacles around the room, or the age of the battery. We cover all the most common problems in the article called – “Why my Roomba dies before docking?”.

In order to reset your Roomba 650, you will have to take a few simple steps:

  1. Remove Roomba 650 from its charging station, and turn it on by pressing the “CLEAN” button.
  2. Hold “SPOT” and “DOCK” buttons simultaneously until Roomba plays a sound (approximately 10 seconds).
  3. Place your Roomba back in the charging station.

How often should you run your Roomba?

Since we are talking about programming your new Roomba 650, you may be asking how often should run it. There is no perfect answer to this question, as it really depends on your house and your cleaning habits.

Realistically anything from 1 to 7 days is a good choice, however, there are many factors that can influence the optimal cleaning schedule. If you live with more home occupants, kids, or pets running your Roomba every day may not be a bad idea. On the other hand, if you live in a smaller house, and you rarely make a mess, 2 or 3 times a week should be enough.

A different thing to consider is whether you happen to clean the floor with other methods. For example, if you also use a steam cleaner or a mop, vacuuming 1 or 2 times a week should be enough.


In conclusion, programming your Roomba 650 isn’t that complicated, and it allows you to have the vacuum running automatically every day. However, if your Roomba happens to stop working, you can always reset the unit by pressing a couple of buttons.

It’s up to you to decide how often you should run your Roomba, however, anything from 1 to 7 days is optimal. If you are living with many house occupants, pets, or kids, running your Roomba every day may not be a bad idea. On the other hand, if you don’t make a mess or you clean regularly – 2 or 3 times a week should be enough.

We hope, that after reading this article you know the answer to your question.