Kenmore 81614 vs 81714 – Review and Comparison

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In this article, we will compare two very popular canister vacuums – Kenmore 81614 vs 81714.

We know how hard can be choosing your new vacuum, especially, one with satisfactory performance and convenient features. The market is flooded with products, that either aren’t reliable or seem overpriced – Kenmore is a company that provides a perfect solution to this problem.

Their two very popular canister vacuums are the well-known choice among many householders. Thanks to the above-average performance, combined with reliable construction, both units are getting more and more popular.

At the first glance, those two products may seem very similar, so this is why we decided to write this article. Today, we will compare Kenmore 81614 vs Kenmore 81714, to give you the most well-detailed and thorough review of each of the products.

With this guide under your hand, you will be ready to make the final decision and choose the most suitable unit out of those two vacuums. If you are looking for something different, we also recommend visiting other reviews and comparisons on our website.

To know the main dissimilarities of those two vacuums, you can go to the beginning of the proper comparison. This will give you a quick answer on what to expect from each one. However, we would recommend reading the whole article, in order to get the most out of this post.

If you are looking for a winner of this comparison, go to the conclusion, which is at the end of the article.

Kenmore 81614 vs 81714 – Review and Comparison

Kenmore 600Kenmore 81714
NAME:Kenmore 81614Kenmore 81714
SIZE:27.95 x 16.22 x 13.78 in.27.76 x 17.91 x 13.98 in.
WEIGHT:22.6 lb.22 lb.
UNIQUE FEATURES:Pop-N-Go function, longer attachement reachLED lights, stair grip, dust-bag indicator

Main differences

At the beginning, we would like to address that both vacuums are a reliable and high-performance choice. This means that each of the products should satisfy most of the consumers, however, there are some key differences that you should know about before you make the final decision.

First of all, the Kenmore 8164 includes a Pop-N-Go floor brush that stores inside the vacuum, attaches to the handle and wand, and makes the vacuum ready for bare floor cleaning. What’s more, it stores just as easily – open the vacuum cover, put the brush in place and it will detach automatically.

Besides this bare floor tool and standard cleaning tool, the Kenmore 8164 also 3 other brushes which make cleaning much more convenient and effective. Those are crevice tool, Pet PowerMate tool, and dust/upholstery tool. 

This vacuum also comes with a little more cord length, longer attachment reach, and heavier design. Although, those are rather minor differences, which won’t make your experience better or worse in any way.

What’s more important is the number of features present in Kenmore 81714. All the functionalities present in this vacuum make it a strong competitor among the top-shelf quality vacuums. This unit comes with a standard, wide cleaning tool, bare floor brush, crevice tool, dusting brush, and Pet PowerMate.

This vacuum not only provides the same amount of brushes but also offers additional features, such as LED light at the end of the wand, a stair grip, that allows you to safely set the vacuum on stairs, and a convenient indicator telling when the dust-bag is full. 

Those are pretty much all the major differences between the two products. If you would like to get more well-detailed information, we strongly suggest to continue reading the article. At the end, you can also find a winner of this comparison, which was picked based on our experience, as well as, other opinions online.


Price is probably one of the most, if not the most, important factor when picking your new vacuum. This is the aspect that will determine the range of available products for most people. Kenmore is extraordinary at offering products that have a great value for money ratio.

Those two units are no different, both 81614 and 81714 will make a good addition to your household for the current price. The 81614 version can be found on Amazon for the price of around $400, which is a little cheaper than the 81714 model.

The pricing, however, often changes due to lots of discounts. A lot of the time, both models can be found for more than $80 under its original price. To get the best deal possible, we also recommend trying out Amazon Prime, which helps you get exclusive deals and discounts faster.

Weight and size

Both vacuums are pretty portable, thanks to their slim and lightweight design. There is a handle that allows for easy lifting as well as a pair of oversized wheels, which allow for better maneuverability. Using either of the vacuums shouldn’t be a big problem.

The weight of Kenmore 81614 is around 22.6 lb., while the weight of Kenmore 81714 is around 22 lb. The difference when it comes to this aspect is such small, that in our opinion it’s rather insignificant. What adds to the portability of the vacuums is the fact that all tools can be hidden in the case.

The dimensions of Kenmore 8164 are 27.95×16.22×13.78 in., while the dimensions of Kenmore 81714 are 27.76×17.91×13.98 in.

Cleaning performance

Kenmore 600
Kenmore 81714

Another crucial factor when choosing your new vacuum is the overall performance. Both vacuums do a great job at removing dirt, debris pet hair, and much more. With the use of all tools, even the most unreachable dust is easily taken care of.

Both vacuums provide four tools, besides the standard, wide cleaning tool, to perfectly clean your house. Each one is created for cleaning different surfaces, such as furniture, base floor, carpets, etc. The aluminum telescopic wand allows for the approximate reach of up to 10.5 ft.

What’s more, Kenmore 81614 has a Pop-N-Go function which allows you to change the tool you are using in a couple of seconds. All you have to is press on the conveniently placed pedals to make a seamless transition between the tools.

For better maneuverability, vacuums utilize a pair of big oversized wheels. Additionally, on each one, you may find a handle, that lets you lift the vacuum and easily transport it to the next room.

The manufacturer, in order to make the vacuums even more efficient, used a two-motor design, that separately control the canister and the main floor head. This allows for keeping the suction power at a high level at all times.

Both vacuums also boast a suction control button, that allows for adjusting the power to the type of current surface.

Now for the exclusive features, that make cleaning more convenient, we have an LED lights in Kenmore 81714. This is a perfect solution for cleaning dark surfaces when you don’t have the proper lighting. Another great addition is a stair grip, that lets you secure the vacuum on a step when cleaning the stairs.

For even more convenience, the manufacturer added a special LED light indicator, that lets you know when the dust-bag is full or clogged. The other vacuum, unfortunately, doesn’t offer this useful function. Adjusting the length of the wand, as well as detaching the current tool, can be done using special buttons located on the handle.

The handles present in both vacuums have an ergonomic design, so your hands won’t feel sore or tired after the cleaning session. The motor switch present in vacuums can be switched between three settings – It can be either turned off, set to carpet mode for boosting the motors’ power, or in hard-floor mode which stops the main brush roll from rotating, in order to provide more delicate cleaning.

The vacuums also have special pedals that raise the PowerMate floor head to one of the four heights. When you are scared of bumps or scratches on your polished floor, this option is a must. To prevent damages, there is also a special bumper located at the nozzle.

When it comes to the differences between the two nozzles, there is a common thought, that Kenmore 81614 is better at cleaning carpeted floors, while the newer version is more practical for high-pile carpets.

The cord rewind feature makes the whole experience even better. A achievement of this Kenmore series is the ergonomic design. For most of the functions, you don’t even need to bend over. The majority of standard cleaning procedures, such as changing the cleaning tool, adjusting suction power, or rewinding the power cord can be done while standing.

Cleaning tools and filter system

Both vacuums come equipped with four different cleaning tools, that allow for more efficient and convenient cleaning. Different tools are recommended for different surfaces, this will ensure safer and more effective cleaning.

  • Elite dusting brush – This is one of the best solutions for cleaning unreachable places such as the top of the shelves, drawers, etc. We haven’t found a better tool for cleaning those areas, than this dusting brush.
  • Crevice tool – To get into tight spaces, that normally would cause troubles when cleaning, you can use the Crevice Tool. With this brush, small areas won’t be a drag anymore. 
  • Elite floor brush – Tool used for cleaning bare floors, that need a little more attention. Of course, the nozzle that comes with vacuum is suitable for hardwood, tile, linoleum, and other non-carpeted surfaces, however, for more versatility Kenmore added this separate brush.
  • Pet PowerMate – This tool is the specialty of Kenmore. If you have a pet, this attachment is a must for you. Pet PowerMate does an excellent job when cleaning carpeted areas and furniture with stubborn pet hair. Special, unique design eliminates the problem of tangling hair around the brush.

With this versatility, you should be able to clean the whole house in a much more effective and convenient way. Besides a high-quality brush set, Kenmore also supplies the vacuums with the triple HEPA filtration system, which consists out of three layers.

There is a HEPA cloth bag with locking tabs, a washable pre-moto filter, and a disposable exhaust filter.


The noise of both vacuums is pretty comparable however, there is a slight difference. Kenmore Elite 81714 is a slightly quieter vacuum compared to the Kenmore 81614. Although, either of the products allows for cleaning in pretty comfortable condition while not being too loud.

The approximate noise level in Kenmore 81714 is 49 dB, while the approximate noise level in Kenmore 81614 is 62 dB.

Necessary maintenance and package content

When it comes to any vacuum, basic maintenance is a standard procedure, that needs to be done, in order to keep the unit working at a desirable level. We won’t be getting into the specifics here, as the article would be too long. We will, however, try to list the complete basics.

  • Emptying the dust bag after each use or after the indicator lights up.
  • Cleaning filters and replacing them regularly.
  • Cleaning the brush roll once a week and replacing when visibly worn.
  • Cleaning of tool brushes and replacing attachments with new ones if needed.
  • Taking care of other small parts of the vacuum and regularly cleaning them.

Those are complete basics and if you would like to keep the vacuums operating at a desirable level, you should read a user’s guide. This will explain all the necessary maintenance procedures.

The content of the package includes a vacuum, four attachable tools, a power cord, and crossover nozzles. With this set, you will be ready to start cleaning right away, without any problems.


In conclusion, both vacuums present a high-performance and good durability. Thanks to a large number of cleaning tools, your standard chore will get much more comfortable and effective. Choosing either one of the products should satisfy most of the consumers.

However, due to some key differences, we would pick a Kenmore 81714 to be our every-day vacuum. The other version lacks some of the convenient features present in this vacuum, such as stair grip, LED light, pop-n-go design, etc.

Considering the small price difference, we think that 81714 is a better deal overall. When we sum up all the useful features and add convenient construction, we get a much better value for money.

Although, feel free to choose a version that is the most suitable for your household.

We hope, that after reading this article, you will be satisfied with your final choice.