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Welcome to product maintenance category where we share our most important tips for keeping your vacuums, carpet cleaners, and steam cleaners in a top-notch condition. You can find here content related to troubleshooting common problems, guides for easy repairs, and wealth of information to help you extend the lifespan of your cleaning products. 

Our experts work on providing you a helpful step-by-step instructions for cleaning, care, and maintenance of your equipment. Don’t hesitate to check out our recommendations for replacement parts, and accessories to keep your appliances running smoothly. Follow our user-friendly navigation below to choose the best sub-category for your situation and learn how to troubleshoot, repair, and prolong the life of your robot.

We welcome here everyone, no matter if you are a cleaning professional, homeowner, or a business owner!

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Image showing a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaner

This is a comprehensive category for everyone looking to troubleshoot, fix, and optimize their vacuum cleaner. Our team of expert has compiled a wide range of articles related to vacuum cleaner maintenance.

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Carpet Cleaner Maintenance

Visit this category, and check out our practical tips & solutions for maintenance of your carpet cleaners. Our guides cover everything from tackling clogged nozzle, through malfunctioning pump, to a leaking water tank.

Steam Cleaner Maintenance

This category is your go-to resource for all things related to fixing steam cleaners. You can learn here bot the basic maintenance, as well as advanced troubleshooting and repairs. Don’t hesitate to check this out for most common fixes.

Benefits of regular maintenance

Regular maintenance of your cleaning equipment is vital to it working at an optimal level, and prolong its lifespan. While this may seem troublesome and often unnecessary, it will prevent the need for unexpected and costly repairs. Simple tasks such as lubricating moving parts, cleaning the dirty spots, and replacing worn-down elements can prevent long-term damage to your vacuums, carpet cleaners, and steam cleaners.

What’s more, regular maintenance can also improve the performance of your cleaning equipment, leading to more efficient and pleasurable cleaning experience. Lubricating moving elements, replacing broken parts, and routine control will ensure that everything operates at peak performance. In case of any potential problems such as restricted airflow, clogged hose, or anything alike, you should address them as quickly as possible.

You should also know, that maintenance is important for your overall safety. Worn-out elements not only are often inefficient, but can also lead to increased risk of accidents and injuries.

Why it's important for us?

Our team of expert recognizes the importance of regular maintenance for the overall safety and health for the users. Malfunctioning or poorly maintained cleaning equipment has potential to pose serious risks, including the risk of injury, damage to your household, or even fire hazard. By providing the required information and guidance we can help ensure that homeowners use cleaning equipment safely and effectively.

We also understand that while cleaning technology has significantly moved forward, it’s still not perfect. Troubling errors and unexpected notifications can turn your cleaning experience into an unbearable chore. By tackling those problems with our easy-to-understand and comprehensive guides, we hope to turn it around and make the cleaning process an enjoyable experience.

In addition to that, regular maintenance is also important for the safe of environment. Properly maintained cleaning equipment will last significantly longer, reducing the waste your household produces. By following our advice you can make your cleaning devices more energy-efficient, ultimately contribute to making our planet a healthier place.