Shark HydroVac vs Bissell Crosswave – Comparison

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Image showing Shark Hydrovac and Bissell Crosswave.

Wet and dry vacuums are extremely versatile and allow for a very quick and simple cleaning process. Since one tool can help with the majority of all cleaning in the household, it’s not surprising people want to invest in a high-quality and reliable option. In this article, we will compare two very popular cleaning tools – Shark HydroVac vs Bissell Crosswave.

Quick Answer:

We would recommend choosing a Shark HydroVac due to its cleaning efficiency. Despite standard suction power, the vacuum cleaner does much better than most of the competitors on the market. Some people say, that it’s the most efficient wet and dry vacuum created to this day, and our experience backs up this statement.

We also recommend choosing a cordless version, as battery life seems to be sufficient for most of the customers. If you would like to learn more about the differences, here’s a quick summary:

To start off, Shark HydroVac comes with both cordless and corded versions while Bissell Crosswave has only a corded version. Shark HydroVac is also a very light option compared to other products on the market, with a smooth and responsive swivel. The new technology allows for a self-cleaning cycle which works fairly well, saving you from cleaning the tool after each use.

Bissell Crosswave is also easy to use, however, it is relatively heavier than its opponent. Cleaning up wet messes can be a little problematic due to the wide nozzle with a short brush. Any sticky spills can get onto the nozzle, making you wipe it down before you can continue cleaning again. The vacuum does not offer self-cleaning technology.

Shark HydroVac comes with standard suction power, which is surprising due to its well above-average cleaning efficiency. The vacuum does much better when cleaning sticky and wet messes compared to other products on the market, especially Bissell Crosswave.

Shark HydroVac vs Bissell Crosswave – Comparison Table

Image showing Shark-Hydrovac.Bissell-Crosswave
NAME:Shark HydroVacBissell Crosswave
SIZE:12.79 x 12.79 x 2.83 in.10.5 x 12 x 46 in.
WEIGHT:8.46 lb.11.5 lb.
CAPACITY:17 oz.28 oz.
UNIQUE FEATURES:Self-cleaning, big opening in the nozzle, cordless and corded versions, smooth and responsive swivel
BATTERY LIFE:Not provided (around 30-40 minutes)

Main differences

The most important difference between those two vacuum cleaners is the cleaning efficiency. Shark HydroVac does much better when it comes to picking up any sticky and wet messes. Additionally, the opening in the nozzle is larger, allowing for picking up bigger debris. Many people consider this Shark product to be the best wet and dry vacuum cleaner on the market right now, at least in terms of cleaning performance. Our experience with this tool backs up this statement.

In times when other wet and dry vacuums had to make up to 12 passes to clean an area, Shark HydroVac cleaned it perfectly in 6 to 8 passes. This difference was seen mainly when cleaning up spills and wasn’t so apparent in other tests.

Since Shark HydroVac is a relatively new wet and dry vacuum, it comes with many technological advantages such as the self-cleaning cycle and cordless model. It’s also one of the lightest products on the market that comes with a smooth and responsive swivel. This combination makes it extremely easy to maneuver around any tight spaces.

Bissell Crosswave is around 3 lb. heavier and it does not have such advanced features. That being said, it’s still a good cleaning tool that does well on both hardwood floors and area rugs. Since it’s corded, it has unlimited cleaning time, although it requires regular maintenance, preferably after every cleaning.

The drying time of hardwood floors is very similar after using either model, although only Bissell Crosswave has the option to run it without water (thanks to the trigger in the handle). On the other hand, Shark HydroVac does very well in terms of water management, dispensing just the right amount.

The only two downsides to Shark HydroVac, that we have found are tank capacity and noise level. The vacuum cleaner seems to be a little louder compared to other products on the market. The HydroVac’s water tank can hold 17 oz. of water, while Bissell can hold up to 28 oz. of water.

Cleaning experience

Both vacuums were very easy to use during our cleaning session, and we did not find any major problems. Either one does very well on both sealed wood floors, pressed wood floors, and carpeted floors. That being said, Bissell offers a model that may have problems with bigger debris due to the small opening in the nozzle.

Shark HydroVac’s moping function did better on bigger spills, and the vacuum required fewer swipes to get all of the dirt sucked into the tank. It’s also easier to navigate thanks to the lightweight, smooth, and responsive swivel, especially in hard-to-reach places.

Additionally, the power cord of either version can get entangled easily. We did not test how well the vacuums do with pet hair, although, other customers did not seem to have any related problems.


Maintenance differs vastly between those two wet and dry vacuum cleaners. Since Shark HydroVac has self-cleaning technology, it makes the whole process easier. After each cleaning, you dock the cordless model to its docking station or the corded version to its storage tray. Be sure to have the corded version plugged in. Fill the water tank with clean water and Shark’s cleaning solution, then press the power button.

The self-cleaning cycle icon will show up on the interface, and the vacuum cleaner will start the process. Once the cleaning is complete, empty the dirty water tank and let it dry, the same should be done with the nozzle cover and brush roll. If you are dry vacuuming or cleaning up small messes, this process should be enough to keep the cleaning tool in good condition. However, if you clean particularly sticky dirt or wet spills it’s best to give the vacuum cleaner a few wipes.

To take care of the Bissell Crosswave, you need to clean the brush roll, nozzle, and filters by hand after every use. The quicker the better, as dry debris will be very hard to remove. The moisture actually causes the debris to be everywhere when cleaning large wet messes (even on the interior of filters and inside of the brush roll housing).

What about other versions?

There’s a new, improved version of Bissell Crosswave called Bissell Crosswave x7. The vacuum was created three years after the official release of Bissell Crosswave, and was mainly designed for cleaning pet messes. That being said, it’s a good overall cordless vacuum that allows multi-surface cleaning.

Shark Hydrovac vs Bissell Crosswave x7

Bissell Crosswave x7 has many features that make it a strong competitor for Shark Hydrovac, including self-cleaning cycle, dirty tank strainer, and great maneuverability. That being said, the battery time is shorter offering only 30 minutes opposed to 40-50 minutes when using Shark Hydrovac. The suction power, unfortunately, doesn’t stand up to regular Bissell Crosswave, offering only half of its power.

Based on our analysis, we came to the conclusion that the Shark Hydrovac is a superior option to the Bissell Crosswave x7. Nevertheless, if you have pets and require a vacuum cleaner that can handle their messes, the Bissell vacuum may be a suitable choice. However, it’s worth noting that the Shark Hydrovac is also effective at cleaning up pet messes.


Does Shark HydroVac work on a carpet?

Yes, Shark HydroVac does work on a carpet. It also features a carpet cleaning mode, that can be turned on with a simple push of a button. That being said, it’s not a carpet cleaner and it won’t be as efficient as one. The producer claims it can be used on rugged areas.

Can the Shark HydroVac be used on laminate floors?

Yes, Shark HydroVac can be used on laminate floors. In fact, it works on all sealed hard floors including hardwood floors, laminate floors, tile, and marble. More information about this topic can be found on the producer’s website.

What does Shark HydroVac do?

It’s a wet and dry vacuum that can clean both sealed hard floors and rugged areas. The producer claims it’s a 3-in-1 solution, as HydroVac can not only vacuum and mop but also clean itself. The self-cleaning process really helps with maintenance, because you no longer have to wipe it after each use.


Final Answer:

In conclusion, we would recommend choosing Shark HydroVac over Bissell Crosswave. It’s much better at picking up large debris and big spills, despite not-so-powerful suction. This vacuum also features a cordless design which makes maneuvering easier. All of this combined with an ergonomic handle, two-tank technology, and magnetic charger pushes the tool ahead of its competitor. Additionally, self-clean mode makes the maintenance process a whole lot quicker.

Even though Bissell Crosswave is not a cordless vacuum, it still does a decent job of navigating around. It cleans both hard floors, rubber floor mats, and area rugs very well, even though it may need a few additional runs. It also features two water tanks, what’s more, the clean water tank is in fact bigger. We hope that we have answered the question of which one is better – Shark hydrovac vs bissell crosswave.