Teenage bedroom cleaning checklist – [Download Now!]

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Teenagers may have a hard time maintaining a clean and organized bedroom while attending school, extracurricular activities, and leading a social life. That being said, keeping a tidy sleeping area is important both for physical and mental health. To help you get through this routine, we have created a cleaning checklist both for quick clean-ups and deep cleaning.

Our bedroom cleaning checklist is also pdf printable and features only easy-to-follow, customizable tasks. By following this checklist, you won’t have any more problems maintaining your bedroom fresh and clean.

Why should you regularly clean your teenage bedroom?

Let’s start by explaining why cleaning your bedroom is actually that important. There is a number of reasons why you should regularly take care of your sleeping area, some of those are:

  • Feeling de-stressed. Based on those studies from OfferUp, 61% of Americans feel de-stressed after cleaning their room. This can be linked to calming, repetitive motions, such as dusting, organizing, washing, etc. This also provides an opportunity to practice a mindfulness exercise, if that’s something you’re interested in.
  • Anxiety. Cluttered and dirty areas can cause stress and anxiety, especially if those are part of your living space. Regular cleaning will significantly improve your mental health and overall well-being.
  • Health problems. Living in dirty areas can cause skin irritation, respiratory diseases, or allergies in the long run. To prevent that, regular cleaning is necessary.
  • Physical activity. Cleaning can also contribute to the physical exercise required for the day. This process forces you to get up and move around for quite some time, burning calories and improving overall fitness.

Those are only some of the benefits why you should regularly take care of your bedroom as a teenager. Be sure to follow our checklist regularly to prevent any negative effects.

Printable teenage bedroom cleaning checklist

Below we present you a fully printable teenage bedroom cleaning checklist. Feel free to personalize and edit the tasks to match your needs.

Teenage bedroom cleaning checklist.

Step-by-step teenage bedroom cleaning checklist

Firstly, it’s important to address that cleaning can differ depending on how dirty your room is. This is why we created two cleaning checklists for you, one is for regular cleaning that should be done fairly often while the second is for deep cleaning.

A cleaning checklist can also help with a more thorough cleaning, delegating tasks, or establishing a routine and schedule. We understand that there’s no one size fits all solution, however, a premade checklist is a good place to start. We highly recommend coming up with a personalized routine that will be the most effective or motivating.

Regular cleaning routine

Standard cleaning should be done, ideally, once or twice a week for the best effects. Here are the most important steps:

  1. Take out the trash. Pick up all the trash laying around on the floor, shelves, bed, etc. Throw it inside a trash bag and take it out.
  2. Organize. Remove any items that don’t belong in the bedroom including dishes, clothes, or books. Place all the things that do belong back in their place.
  3. Change the sheets. Sheets should be changed every week to keep your skin in good condition. This is especially important for people with acne and other skin problems. Put your sheets with dirty laundry.
  4. Clean the dirty laundry. Grab the dirty laundry including sheets and remove it from the room.
  5. Dust. Dust all the surfaces using a microfiber cloth including flat surfaces, furniture, decorations, or electronics.
  6. Clean the floors. Vacuum or sweep the floors, and don’t forget spots under easy-to-move furniture. Additionally, you can mop them if there’s a need for that.
  7. Clean the mirrors. Use a glass cleaner and microfiber cloth to clean the mirrors, focusing on areas where dust and dirt accumulated. You can also clean your windows if that’s necessary.

Deep cleaning routine

Deep cleaning done once a month should be completely enough. However, be sure to adapt the frequency based on your needs and habits. The additional steps for deep cleaning are:

  1. Clean the surfaces. Instead of just dusting them, get a microfiber cloth and wipe them with water and a cleaning solution. Try to get all the stains out of furniture, doorframes, walls, or baseboards.
  2. Mop the floors. On top of regular vacuuming, mop your floors thoroughly to remove any sticky or stained spots.
  3. Remove the clutter from the drawers and closet. Go through your closet and drawers to organize all the content properly. Remove any items that do not belong there, and throw out any trash you find.
  4. Clean the electronic devices. Wipe any electronic devices in your bedroom, including mouse, keyword, screen, laptop, smartphone, etc. Use very little to no water when doing so. Alternatively, you can get a special cleaner for this type of surface.

Cleaning tips for teenagers

If you are a teenager struggling with cleaning your bedroom regularly, here are some tips that may help you:

  • Make your bed. Begin your day or cleaning session by making your bed. Try to do this every day to develop a habit, and make your room look neat and tidy from the start.
  • Get a hamper. If your clothes are laying around the floor or in other parts of the room, get a hamper. Put your dirty clothes always directly into the hamper and do the laundry when it’s full.
  • Organize your desk. An organized desk is very important to help you focus on homework and studying. Try to keep it that way most of the time, or at least organize it before and after studying.
  • Get a small trash can. If you happen to have a lot of waste and junk laying around, getting small trash can be beneficial.
  • Listen to something. If cleaning is very boring for you, try listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks. Occupying your mind will make the process feel much more pleasurable, additionally, you can learn something new or revise for exams.

Those are only some tips to help you with the cleaning but making a habit out of cleaning is probably the most useful advice you can get. Try to regularly follow the checklist to make cleaning a part of your regular week.


In conclusion, having a tidy and fresh living space is not only necessary for maintaining good hygiene but it also brings mental and physical health benefits. Following a well-structured bedroom cleaning checklist can turn out exceptionally beneficial for teenagers. This helps to develop habits required in later parts of life, as well as boost their productivity.

We strongly recommend sticking to one routine to develop the habit faster. Our teenage bedroom cleaning checklist is a good place to start, however, remember to personalize it for your cleaning needs.