Wagner Steamer 905 vs Wagner Steamer 915 – Review and Comparison

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In this article, we will talk about two very popular steam cleaners – Wagner Steamer 905 vs 915.

Steam cleaners are getting more and more popular nowadays, mainly due to their broad functionality. With the use of only one device, you can disinfect and clean many types of floors, kitchen appliances, or even get rid of the old wallpapers.

The manufacturers are constantly improving their products with new features, tools, and maximum temperature ratings, therefore those units became a universal solution in many households. With the rise of popularity, the market got flooded with various models, that may be hard to differentiate.

This is the reason, why we decided to create this article. If you didn’t own this kind of device before, you may have trouble picking the right tool for your household. In this post, we will take a look at two very popular steam cleaners, and those are – Wagner Steamer 905 vs Wagner Steamer 915.

Based on the opinions online, as well as our own experience, we will try to give you a detailed review of each device. At the end of the article, you can also see a winner of this comparison, although, we highly recommend tor read the whole post.

Wagner Steamer 905 vs 915

NAME:Wagner Steamer 905Wagner Steamer 915
SIZE:19.5 x 13.25 x 13 in.12.50 x 19.50 x 14.50 in.
WEIGHT:15.57 lb.12.92 lb.
UNIQUE FEATURES:Unavailable on most of the websites, more attachments includedRedesigned carry handle, thicker plastic shell, and more maneuverable wheels, two indicator lights
TANK CAPACITY:48 oz. (~ 45 minutes of cleaning)40 oz. (~ 40 minutes of cleaning)
CHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON:Amazon.comAmazon.com

Main differences

In the beginning, we would like to address, that both steam cleaners are a decent choice, especially in this price range. What’s more, either one of them should satisfy the majority of consumers. However, there are some things to keep in mind before you make the final decision.

The first and most important difference is availability. The Wagner 915 is a newer model, and it’s available in many online listings, as well as, on Amazon.com (Click here to see the price!). The Wagner 905 is a product, that was created quite a long time ago, therefore it may be hard to find a brand new model.

Another dissimilarity is the overall design. The new Wagner 915 comes with a redesigned carry handle, thicker plastic shell, and more maneuverable wheels. From our own experience, all those changes are for the better. However, there are also some negative changes – The cord length and hose length were slightly reduced.

The next difference are indicator lights. The Wagner Steamer 915 has two indicator lights included – Green and red light. The first one tells you, that the steamer is ready to begin steaming, while the red one indicates, that the heating element is producing steam.

In the Wagner Steamer 905, you only have one, red light – When the unit is producing steam, the red light is turned on, and when it finishes, the light turns off.

The last dissimilarity are the included attachments. We would like to emphasize, that both units come with a large variety of tools and attachments, that will help you during your cleaning process. However, we would like to focus on utility brushes, as those are rather important.

The Wagner 915 comes with 2 utility brushes, whereas the Wagner Steamer 905 has as many as 4 utility brushes. This gives the older model a slight advantage, however, the two brushes present in the 915 model, should also satisfy most of the users.

Those are pretty much all the crucial differences. Based on those factors, you should be ready to pick the most suitable cleaner for your household. However, if you would like to learn more about each one of the models, or you would like to know the winner of this comparison, please continue reading.

Cleaning Efficiency

This is one of the most, if not the most, crucial factors when it comes to picking your new cleaning device. By this, we mean how well a particular device does its job, compared to other products from a similar price range. 

We have to admit, that there is little to no difference when it comes to the functionality of both steam cleaners. Most of the users should be satisfied with the performance of either one. The cleaning technology is very similar but it’s the design that differs.

The maximum temperature is also the same in both cleaners, which is around 212° F. This allows for comfortable cleaning of most kitchen appliances or flooring. If you are looking for a chemical-free solution to remove your dirt, either one of those will do just fine.

In order to give you an idea of the versatility, that those devices provide, here’s the list of the possible uses, provided by the manufacturer:

  • Removing wallpapers
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Cleaning kitchens
  • Cleaning floors
  • Cleaning windows
  • Disinfecting

As you can see, the options are endless. All of the above functions can be achieved using special attachments, however, we will talk more about those in the latter part of the article.

Both Wagner Steamer 905 and Wagner Steamer 915, boast a very fast preheat time, which is around 9 minutes. This means, that the steam should be ready in 9 minutes, from the moment you turn on the device. Keep in mind, that there are also various factors that can speed up or slow down this process (such as the temperature and amount of water).

As we mentioned earlier, both devices have some way of indicating the current state. In the Wagner Steamer 915, there are two lights – one green and one red. The first one tells you, that the device is ready to begin steaming while the second one indicates, that the heating element is producing steam.

In the Wagner Steamer 905, there is only one light – The red one. It is turned on while the unit produces steam, however, as soon as the device is finished, it turns off.

Those are pretty much all the important aspects when it comes to the cleaning performance. Once again, we have to address, that both devices are doing a good job. Most of the parameters are the same, therefore it may be hard to decide on a winner, based solely on this aspect.

Cord & hose length

The cord length may be important to some people, especially if you own a big household, or you don’t have too many outlets. We don’t put too much value on this aspect in our household, as we always have an extension cord ready, but we know some people prefer to not use it.

The extra hose length is something, that can be useful sometimes, as it gives you more reach. When cleaning floors, this feature may not be too noticeable, however, if you are cleaning windows, ceilings, or some appliances, it can make your life easier.

Many reviews confirm, that the hose length and cord length were reduced in the new Wagner Steamer 915, compared to the older model. The current length of the cord in this model is 6 ft., and the steam hose length measures exactly 8 ft.

We think, that in most cases this should be enough, however, since there is a significant amount of people mentioning this in the reviews, we thought, that it may be worth addressing.

We will have to say, that the cord and hose length is in favor of the Wagner steamer 905, although, it won’t be a major difference.

Tank capacity

The tank capacity is something, that we usually pay attention to. Mainly because it’s the leading limitation when it comes to the cleaning time, opposed to the portable cleaners (when it’s the battery, that doesn’t last).

Fortunately, in corded cleaners, the manufacturers aren’t limited by the battery or optimal weight. This allows for a larger tank capacity, which translates to a longer cleaning time.

Both models provide a rather standard cleaning time of approximately 40 minutes. There is a slight difference, since the Wagner Steamer 905 has the maximum capacity of 48 oz. which is around 45 minutes, and the Wagner Steamer 915 has the maximum capacity of 40 oz. which is around 40 minutes.

Just like when it comes to the cord length, this won’t be too noticeable most of the time. The difference is rather small, and the large capacity of either one should satisfy most of the consumers.


The overall design is another crucial factor when choosing a new cleaning device. After all, you will be spending quite some time doing this chore. Therefore, you would want the device to be maneuverable, ergonomic, and easy to use.

Fortunately, both steam cleaners somehow satisfy those conditions, although, the Wagner Steamer 915 is noticeably better. The newer model has redesigned carry handle, which is not only more durable but also more comfortable. It also boasts very maneuverable wheels and a thicker plastic shell, so in theory, it should last longer.

If you would like to learn some more detailed information, the Wagner Steamer 915 measures exactly 20 x 13 x 14.30 in. and weighs approximately 12.92 lb., while the Wagner Steamer 905 measures 19.5 x 13.25 x 13 in. and weighs around 15.57 lb.

Using the Wagner Steamer 905 isn’t particularly uncomfortable, but it will be surely less convenient than using the 915 version. Therefore, we have to admit, that the design is better in the new model.


Price is another important aspect, however, most people start by choosing a certain price range. Therefore, you probably already know the difference in prices between those two steam cleaners. However, just to make the article more accurate, we will also touch on that.

It can be quite hard to compare the price between those two cleaners, as most listings for the 905 version, include a second-hand product. However, here is the best we could find for those products.

The Wagner Steamer 915 is currently listed at Amazon.com (Click here to see the price!) for the price of $119.00, however, the price can really fluctuate, so it may no longer be the same when you check it.

The Wanger Steamer 905 isn’t available on Amazon, although, we’ve found that the old price of this model was also in the $120.00 price range. If you are lucky, you may find a used one for the approximate price of $80.00 – $90.00.

We would simply suggest getting a model, that is currently available. We know, that searching for a used product, that still has a decent quality may be a problem.

Package content

The package content is something, that’s unfortunately often skipped by people who are looking for a new cleaning device. The included tools may completely change the way you are thinking about the chore of cleaning since they can adjust the device for almost any activity.

Both steam cleaners provide a large variety of attachments, that can be used in cleaning floors, countertops, appliances windows or even removing wallpaper.

The Wagner Steamer 915 comes with extras, such as:

  • Wallpaper steam plate
  • Large cleaning brush and mop pad
  • Window and tile squeegee
  • Fabric steamer
  • Microfiber bonnet
  • Jet nozzle
  • Straight adapter
  • Nylon utility brushes
  • Brass utility brushes
  • Fill funnel
  • Angled adapter
  • 2 x Extension poles

The Wagner Steamer 905 also provides a satisfying number of attachments, however, we couldn’t get any official list. Therefore we would strongly suggest contacting a person selling this model to you about the included tools.

Necessary maintenance

The necessary maintenance is another aspect that is, unfortunately, often skipped by the people who are choosing their new cleaning device. In order to keep your new steam cleaner operating at the desired level, and to prevent any permanent damage, you should always take basic maintenance steps.

We won’t be getting into details here, as it would simply make this article too long. However, we would like to give you some basics tips, which should work with most of the steam cleaners.

  • Regularly rinse the water tank
  • Regularly check the attachments/tools for any stuck dirt and/or debris
  • At least once a week clean the cover of the nozzle, attachments, and rinse the tank
  • Replace any used or damaged elements as fast as possible

Those are some basic tips, which should work for most of the steam cleaners, however, we highly recommend reading the users guide, in order to learn all the crucial details about the maintenance.


In conclusion, both steam cleaners are decent, especially considering their price range. What’s more, most of the customers should be satisfied with either one of them, however, there are some things to keep in mind before you make the final decision.

Some of the main differences are the availability (Wagner Steamer 915 is available almost everywhere, while the 905 version is hard to get), overall design (Wagner Steamer has redesigned carry handle, thicker plastic shell, and more maneuverable wheels), hose and cord length (the 915 model has both longer), indicator lights (2 in the 915 version and only one in 905).

Based on the above factors, we would say that the Wagner Steamer 915 is a winner of this comparison. Not only it’s much more available than the old model, but also it’s been redesigned to provide even better performance and durability.

We hope, that after reading this article, you will be satisfied with your final choice.