Why are Dyson Vacuums so Expensive? – [7 Big Reasons]

Image showing a photo of vacuum cleaner, and asking why are Dyson vacuums so expensive?

Dyson is a well-known brand in the household appliances industry that has designed and created a ton of reliable products. However, it needs to be addressed that most of them, especially vacuums, come with a heftier price tag when compared to their competitors. This raises an important question – Why are Dyson vacuums so expensive?

Quick Answer:

While there are a couple of reasons why Dyson vacuums are so expensive, the primary one is that Dyson is the pioneer of advanced vacuum technology. They were the first brand to create vacuum cleaners using cyclones to separate dust with no loss of suction over time.

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Now let’s dive deep into the details!

Why are Dyson vacuums so expensive?

Dyson’s take on the topic

Before we start listing different reasons why Dyson vacuums are expensive, we think it may be helpful to take a look at the quote from James Dyson, a founder of Dyson Ltd. In an interview with CNN, he said – “People assume that our products are expensive because we’re a premium brand, but it’s actually the opposite. I’ve always assumed that our strength was in our understanding of technology. That’s why we have a team of engineers that are developing new technology all the time. That is how we stay ahead.”

This quote gives us a good understanding of what the brand is actually about. Dyson strives to create the most efficient products relying on advanced technology. They are actively investing time and money to come up with new, reliable ways to implement technological advantages and outperform their competitors.

Now to sum up all the information we have, here are the most important reasons why Dyson is one of the most expensive vacuum brands on the market.

Dyson is the pioneer of vacuum technology

Not many people may know this aspect, but Dyson was the first brand to create a product that utilizes cyclones to separate dust with no loss of suction over time. They continuously strive to improve their vacuum technology, staying ahead of their competitors since the beginning.

Being the pioneer of vacuum design has made the brand more desirable on the market, allowing for higher prices. People like to buy Dyson’s products when having in mind that this technology is probably the most researched and thought-out.

Additionally, the positive James Dyson character adds to the brand’s reputation and credibility. The founder performs well in interviews, creating an appearance of authority in the household appliances field.

Innovative design

One of the most important objectives for the Dyson brand, as they mentioned, is to constantly improve and advance their technology. They are actively investing time and money to create the most efficient vacuum cleaners that will be desired by most household owners.

Each product that comes out has a wide range of innovative features that allow for a very convenient cleaning process. What’s more, Dyson has many times solved many problems that made vacuum cleaners lacking, such as cleaning the corners, cordless and portable design, etc.

Focus on improving and future

The brand does all the technical planning and improvement with the thought about the future. To stay on top of the industry, vacuum cleaning technology needs to be constantly improved. Running tests and working with engineers adds costs on top of the regular management and production. Since the vacuum design is their main advantage, the brand works hard to maintain its position.

The brand has a specific R&D department (James Dyson Foundation) which was created for the purpose of developing better technology.

Quality Materials

Most Dyson products are created using high-quality materials which aren’t cheap on their own. Adding advanced cleaning technology, tests, and other costs will put prices at the higher end of the spectrum. On the other hand, this allows the product to last longer than the cheaper alternatives, making them a long-term investment.

Expensive production process

Dyson vacuum cleaners are made in different locations around the world but mainly in the UK, Japan, and China. Manufacturing custom products in these areas isn’t the cheapest, and can contribute to adding up to the price. The brand is also vulnerable to the fluctuations of the currencies, which could be seen in 2016, during the sharp drop of the British pound.

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Dyson is often portrayed as a premium brand, creating exclusive products for wealthy household owners. While James Dyson disagreed with that statement in the CNN interview, the public outlook still allows the brand to sell their products at a bit more expensive price compared to their competitors. 

Brand reputation

The brand reputation certainly contributes to the expensive price of the products, since everyone prefers to buy a vacuum cleaner from a reliable and well-known manufacturer. Dyson is aware that people have trust in their products and quality of service, and that people are willing to pay extra for their vacuums.


In conclusion, there are a couple of different reasons why Dyson vacuum cleaners are expensive, however, the primary one is their pioneering in advanced vacuum technology. The brand has created one of the first vacuums that utilize cyclones to separate dust with no loss of suction over time.

Aside from that, the brand offers innovative design and technology that gets constantly improved through its R&D department. Dyson also creates all of its products using high-quality materials that offer longevity (which is unfortunately related to an expensive production process).

Many people also see the Dyson brand as a reputable and trustworthy source of household appliances, and they are willing to pay extra for this. Finally, Dyson is also seen as an exclusive brand that is not affordable for everyone (even though James Dyson disagreed with this statement in the CNN interview).