Why is my Vax Carpet Cleaner leaking water? – [Troubleshooting]

Image showing a vax carpet cleaner.

While Vax carpet cleaners have allowed many homeowners to bring high-quality cleaning equipment to their everyday life, they are not completely reliable.

Many customers have encountered manufacturing errors that cause the cleaners to completely soak their carpets. If you are wondering why your Vax Carpet Cleaner is leaking water don’t worry, in this article, we will talk about troubleshooting and the most common fixes.

Quick Answer:

The most common reason why Vax carpet cleaner leaks water is due to a manufacturing error in the water tank. To fix this issue, first, check whether the tank is installed properly. The second step is to check for any missing bung/grommet/o-ring from the bottom part of the unit. If that’s the case, create a stop gap by using a rubber belt or cable until you hear back from Vax customer service.

Further troubleshooting involves checking for a leaking water tank valve. Disassembly will be required to seal the broken elements with glue if necessary. The problem may also be in the trigger handle, when it gets stuck, there’s a constant spray of water with the solution. Finally, you can try to unscrew the whole unit and inspect the water release mechanism.

We highly recommend contacting the official customer service, as the company pays attention to complaints. Many customers have confirmed that they did get a replacement, often without having to return the original broken unit.

Why is my Vax leaking water? – [Troubleshooting Guide]

The first thing to do when your Vax carpet cleaner leaks water is to identify the issue. There may be a couple of possible options, which we present below. Keep in mind that the most common problem with the Vax carpet cleaner is a faulty water tank. That being said, here’s a complete troubleshooting guide:

  1. Inspect your Vax carpet cleaner thoroughly.

    Check for any obvious signs of possible leaking on the unit as a whole. Look for things such as cracks, broken elements, faulty handle, etc. Be sure to see whether the water tank is installed properly.

  2. Take out a water tank.

    Once again look for cracks and holes in the water tank. Hold the fluid container above the sink and check for any leaking. If the tank appears to be leaking, the valve may be a problem.

  3. Check for the missing bung/grommet/o-ring.

    This item connects from the bottom of the unit to the body of the clean water tank. Unfortunately, it’s very delicate and easy to remove, therefore, you may not even notice it’s not there.

  4. Inspect the trigger handle.

    The trigger may be stuck, causing the liquid with the solution to spray out constantly. Check thoroughly, as even a little pressure on the handle will release the water.

  5. Check the water release mechanism.

    To do this, you will have to unscrew the whole back of the carpet cleaner. Before doing this, make sure the device is unplugged from the outlet. Go step-by-step through the whole mechanism checking for broken pumps and tubes that hold water.

How to fix Vax carpet cleaner leaking water?

After identifying what’s the problem with your Vax carpet cleaner, you can go ahead and start looking for a solution. Below we present you a list of the easiest and most common repairs that you can do at home to prevent your Vax from leaking. 

Water tank 

If you find any cracks or holes, drain the tank and apply a sealant to the dry surface. You can use a variety of materials, although epoxy or silicone usually work great. Wait for the sealant to dry and test your water tank once again.

If you see a bung/grommet/o-ring missing from the bottom part of the tank, you will have to replace it. It may be hard to find an original part, however, customers have reported that a homemade o-ring made from a rubber belt or cable works fine.

Water tank valve

Gif showing a water tank valve of Vax carpet cleaner.
Rubber part of the valve that usually needs gluing.

To fix a leaking valve, you will have to disassemble your Vax carpet cleaner. Some people have recommended gluing the rubber part of the valve unit to stop the leakage. After that is done, put your water tank valve back together and test for any leakage.

Trigger handle

Faulty trigger handle is quite popular in Vax carpet cleaners. Even though you may not notice this at first, the handle that is slightly pressed causes water to slowly leak everywhere. You will have to unscrew the whole unit to see what’s causing the trigger handle to get stuck. Before you do this, make sure your Vax is unplugged from the outlet.

Water release mechanism

Gif showing a water release mechanism of Vax carpet cleaner.
Water release mechanism of Vax carpet cleaner.

To see the water release mechanism, remove the screws and the main cover. Look for the valve that controls the fluid application, and inspect it thoroughly. Go through the mechanism following the water hose and check for any cracks, missing elements, or clogs. Don’t forget to check the state of the pump.

Vax carpet cleaner maintenance

To keep your Vax working properly for a long time, proper maintenance is necessary. Be sure to follow the steps written in the user’s manual. Besides those, here are the most popular maintenance tips for carpet cleaners:

  • Regular cleaning. Regular cleaning is necessary to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime. Rine your water tanks, clean the covers and remove any stuck hair. Focus on the areas near the handle, as grime can cause it to become stuck.
  • Replace the filters. Depending on the model of your Vax carpet cleaner, it may come with one or more filters. Regularly replace those to keep the machine operating properly.
  • Check the brush roll. Dirt, dust, or pet hair that gets stuck in the brush roll can reduce the effectiveness of your carpet cleaner. Regularly check for any accumulated dirt to prevent this from happening.
  • Use the right cleaning solution. Using a non-branded cleaning solution can cause damage to various elements of your carpet cleaner. Before you pour anything other than the recommended cleaning agent into the water tank, be sure to check for advice online.


In conclusion, the most common reason why your Vax carpet cleaner leaks water is due to problems with the water tank. Check whether it’s installed properly, look for missing bung/grommet/o-ring on the bottom of the unit, and expect the water tank valve thoroughly.

The problem may also be related to the stuck trigger handle or water release mechanism.

If you are still wondering why is your vax carpet cleaner leaking water, try contacting official customer service. Many customers have confirmed, that they are happy to assist you.